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Summer Home Additions that Can be Done at Your Tidewater Custom Modular Home - Virginia Beach, VA

What better way to say hello to summer is to have summer home additions done before the warm weather hits. With Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, all these are possible. If there is any part of your home that you find out of season, home remodeling can be conveniently done in no time.

You own a home that has a flexible modular floor plan as it is made up of modules. The complicated part is just the choosing of the appropriate or necessary home addition because it requires critical decision making and creative thinking combined. But we can make it more convenient for you. We can help you in figuring out what exactly you want and need to do for your modular home, and assure you that any home addition will be a job well done.

Custom-built modular homes in Virginia Beach, VA always have the space for changes. There are actually many different things that can be done to your home to make sure that it has no ugly features and unsightly facade. Deciding to live in a modular home provides you with a wide range of options for customization and modification. This way, you can have a home that is not just uniquely built for you but also have one that you can live with for the rest of your life regardless of how the seasons may change.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes Appreciate in Value and Become a Better Alternative - VA

Did you know that Custom-Built Homes in Virginia are highly energy-efficient and very cost-effective for people looking to build? There are many reasons why modular homes continually appreciate in value and become a better alternative to stick-built homes.

Because modular homes in VA are turning into an effective alternative to traditionally-built houses and mobile homes, the industry of pre-fabricated homes has been revived. More and more people have also landed a full-time job as either a designer or a builder. They work altogether to match with this growing modern demand for modular homes.

As custom-built modular homes are becoming a hot topic in both public and private sectors, a lot of research projects have been done in order to answer questions on the effective home building. In fact, more projects on prototype testing have been conducted in schools to determine how the modules must be optimally custom-designed and carefully put up together to reduce related cost without compromising comfort in modular homes.

Progressive researches have been recently presided over to formulate the best modular floor plan to build compact houses which can still be able to provide space for storage and style. This way, fewer construction materials will be used which will correspondingly make building and owning modular homes become more practical and convenient.

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Tidewater Custom Modular Homes: Building Them the Better Way Because We Just Can - Virginia Beach, VA

Protect your investment as you enjoy many wonderful years and memories of living in one of Tidewater's Best Custom Home. They can range from modest starter homes to complex homes.

We make sure that our production processes for custom-built modular homes in Virginia Beach VA are accurate and always up-to-date in order to meet and exceed modern demands. We commit to provide you with a cost-effective and energy-efficient home that you can absolutely call yours because it is designed and built just for you.

The available modular floor plans are flexible enough that they allow addition and replacements faster and more convenient for both home builders and home buyers. If you do not see what you are looking for after exploring our design gallery, we can custom-build your dream home for you. It is possible because we can.

What is more advantageous in building and living in a modular home is that home additions are just as easy as 1-2-3. We can replace existing old mobile homes or stick-built homes for brand new prefab modular homes in Virginia Beach VA.

Not only is modular home construction done to build new and practical homes but also to replace and modify many old houses in just a few weeks. Second story or extra living space can be added to your home in a just a short span of time. This is good when you have a growing family or you are somewhat a spontaneous person. With Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, home construction comes to completion in weeks instead of months.

Luxurious Interior Designs Made Affordable Through Modern Modular Home Construction - Newport News, VA

Luxurious modular interior designs are now made possible and affordable through modular home construction. In fact, nearly all you wish and plan for can be turned into a modular home.

Modular floor plans vary in style and size. Therefore, it is not true that modular homes look alike. They can be planned according to your preferences, making it distinctly yours. Wishes and dreams do come true. Now you can conveniently construct your luxurious dream home – one that's best built just for you.

Custom-built modular homes have no design limitations as your imagination is your limit. This is good news. Any architectural details you desire can be added directly to the doors, windows, and walls of your luxurious home. You can choose cabinet styles and wood species for your favorite furniture to match your luxurious interior designs. Home additions and modifications can also be done for crawl spaces and basements. This way you can maximize your living space at such an inexpensive expense.

Modular homes in Newport News VA, for example, can be completely customized to fit even the tightest lots. They offer hundreds of personalized features that are wallet friendly. Through custom-built modular homes, you can customize your dream home in the way you wanted and feel at home in just a few weeks after construction.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes are permanent structures. Thus they are considered real property. In fact, they can be appraised in the same way their on-site built counterparts do. Home loans and home insurance are the same as on-site built houses. So there is nothing to worry about.

Custom-built Modular Homes can be Designed and Built for Disaster-relief Housing - Virginia Beach, VA

Natural calamities make people homeless most of the time. They are displaced after losing their homes.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes make any locality better prepared for inevitable emergency cases. Home builders can design post-disaster housing, which can be built fast to cater the needs of all residents of the affected areas.

One of the many advantages of modular homes is the convenience they provide during construction. They can be built faster in a factory compared to site-built homes. No foul weather can delay their construction because they are built in a controlled environment first. They also have flexible floor plans which can be redesigned to match any preference or requirement.

Modern modular home companies have their own in-house engineering departments and use a Computer Aided Design so they can custom-design houses in varied sizes and styles. Each module is built in a controlled environment owned by the company before the custom-built modular homes in Virginia Beach, VA are transported and installed to their respective sites to become permanent structures.

Modular home are favorable for multiple housing projects. There is a range of other potential uses of these structures, including disaster-relief housing for the homeless residents who were displaced by storms like Hurricane Sandy. Designing modular homes for this purpose is becoming trendy these days, particularly in areas where earthquakes and storms happen often. Custom-built modular homes are strong enough to withstand 175 mph winds, which make them perfect for disaster-relief housing projects. They are made of high-quality materials using modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. These homes are constructed for accessible living and future convenience - fast to build, easy to transport, and quick to put together.

Custom-built Modular Homes: a Better Way to Build and a Better Place to Live – Virginia Beach, VA

Custom-built modular homes in Virginia Beach, VA are like jigsaw puzzle pieces only that they are on a much larger scale. Because of this nature, prefabricated homes are said to be the future of the modern construction market. There are definitely a lot of things you can do when building and owning one.

One of modular home advantages is their extensive exterior options. Prefabricated homes are easy to customize. Now you can choose from a selection of exterior door, shingle, siding, and shutters options. Prefabricated homes also offer idealistic interior options so you could choose the perfect furniture, fixtures, and other features that you can see and use inside your house. Modular homes can even be upgraded using the standard styles for cabinets, countertops, faucets, fireplaces, floor coverings, and lighting - all matched with premium materials, construction, and installation.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes make everything you imagine possible. The flexibility brought about by modular home construction allows home additions to be built with ease and facility, right there when you need them. All parts of your modular home can be modified to match any changes of preferences and necessities.

Each floor plan gives everyone an idea of how modular home construction Virginia Beach, VA becomes a better way to build dream houses. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes are the best place to live – convenient and efficient for people from all walks of life.

Custom-built Modular Houses: Fulfilling Your Unique Dream House - Virginia Beach, VA

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes are built to fit all the distinct designs that homeowners have in mind. Today's consumers now have more options when it comes to customization and construction of their dream house.

Prefabricated modular homes in Virginia Beach, VA have pre-formulated floor plans and special features to help you personalize and customize your dream home as it comes to reality. There are modular home design galleries provided to help you decide on what to do to your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your home.

There are a lot of decisions to be made on what style of home to buy, which permanent site to choose, and how to finance your choices. But the available selection of custom-built modular homes makes the work that goes in building a new house a lot more bearable. They make the dream of homeownership a reality for individuals looking for starter homes and for families in search of an affordable spacious house.

Modular homes fulfill the buyer's interests and needs. Local home builders take care of the construction and installation after homeowners decide for the interior and exterior designs, floor plan, roofing dimensions, and other house details to formulate a custom-built modular house that is sure to meet and exceed expectations. Only the finest methods and materials are used for building prefabricated modulars. That is why they are fundamentally indistinguishable from traditionally-built homes that are built on site.

Virginia Beach modular homes are a better alternative to stick-built houses, combining affordability and quality. Whether you are looking or planning to build your first home, dream house, vacation home, or retirement house, a Tidewater Custom Modular Home is the best choice for you. Built it and make it your own.

Misconceptions about Modular Homes now Corrected and Clarified - Hampton Roads

Modular homes in Hampton Roads are a modern alternative to traditional on-site construction. The initial construction work is done in an off-site, environment-controlled factory. They offer a more cost-effective and time-convenient approach of building your dream house.

Although its main pieces are hauled from the factory by truck, custom-built modular homes are not mobile homes. They are divided into sections called modules that are constructed in a factory. After these custom-designed modules are made by the manufacturer, all the individual modules are transported to the building site. They are then assembled and cannot be moved after they are set on their permanent foundation. A local builder then applies some finishing touches and quality check-ups in the same way as what are done in building stick-built houses. They may be assembled like building a Lego house but they are as strong and as attractive as any traditionally built houses.

Modular homes should not be misconstrued as a boring prefabricated housing as they match the features of a traditional stick-built houses nor as mobile homes that can be moved from a place to another. They have custom-designed floor plans that you can also modify to match your preferences and requirements. Thus, every house constructed this way has features that are unique with the rest. Your imagination is your limit for your dream house. Once they are done, these custom-built modular houses are as functional as any on-site constructed houses, only that they are stronger and less expensive.

Though they cannot be moved from one place to another, they provide homeowners with lots of flexibility when it comes to customization or remodeling. Explore the gallery for home plans for Tidewater Custom Modular Homes that you can customize to match everything you have in mind.

Good News on Remodeling and Reselling Custom-built Modular Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

If you are still deciding whether to choose modular home construction in Virginia Beach, VA, here is something to help you come up with the right decision.

Apart from the fact that modular houses are cost-effective, time-convenient, and high quality, they also provide homeowners a venue for building or remodeling homes. Since they are custom-built modular houses, investing to restructure your kitchen, add a bathroom or an entertainment area won't be a problem. Home builders make this option even more possible because they know the structural support and layout of your home. So remodeling your home can be done just as you imagine it, in no time.

Another good thing about prefabricated modular houses is that they hold their value for resale just as much or better than stick-built homes. The profit on modular homes resale value depends on how well the house has been cared for by its previous owner. Both custom-built modular houses and traditionally-built house are assessed at the same amount. Considering that modulars costs less on construction, sellers can expect a reasonable resale price for their pre-owned modular homes.

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Rights and Responsibilities of Custom-built Modular Homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA

Custom-built modular homes are now gaining popularity in Virginia Beach, VA. But it is important that the obligations of both modular homeowners and local home builders must be discussed precisely. So that when anything goes wrong during, or even after, construction, the problem could be easily dealt with accordingly.

The warranties pertaining to modular homes are dictated by the nature of the claim, including who asserts it and to whom it is asserted against. It must be clear between the owner and the builder that no other provisions shall apply to claims with respect to custom-built modular homes construction other than those specified by the New Home Warranty Act in Virginia.

Modular home builders include those involved in the process of manufacturing, fabricating and assembling the house to the chosen residential site. It is a good practice for modular homeowners to keep themselves familiar with the main man behind those processes. Breach of contract and breach of expressed warranties may apply depending entirely on the content in the contract and warranties. So make sure to take hold of pertinent legal documents on every undertaking relative to building your new modular home as it may also act as reference in the future.

Modular homeowners should know both their rights and responsibilities. It is also necessary to determine whether you purchased a contract of sale or contract to build as each has different elements and therefore has different ways to solve legal issues. This is as important as distinguishing whether what you are purchasing is a modular home or a mobile house.

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