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Stick-Built Home Construction Labor Shortage Improves the Value of Modular Home Construction to All-Time Highs

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Stick-Built Home Construction

Part of the fall-out from the slowdown in the home construction industry is the fact that a large volume of home building craftsmen and laborers have left the industry.  This labor shortage serves only to significantly increase the already strong comparative value of custom modular homes over traditional construction. 

An executive from TC Modular Home's supplier, HandCrafted Homes (Henderson, N.C) says the differential in price between modular homes and stick-built homes “has surely tightened” as subcontractor labor has gotten scarcer and more expensive. Realize also that fewer traditional home building laborers means the volume of quality laborers has significantly declined as well. Those who purchase traditional stick-built homes really are buying a box of chocolates....they just don't know what they are going to get.

But you know what you are getting from your TC Modular Home selection.Our builder enjoys the benefit of a skilled and stable labor force manufacturing high quality homes to the strictest of industry and company standards.  We're so proud of our products (such as our Cape Cod Concord and the Chapel Hill Ranch)  that we actively encourage prospective buyers to tour the Handcrafted Homes factory.  You'll know exactly what you are going to get and when you are going to get it.Our average delivery time averages an amazingly short 60-90 days.  You won't get that efficiency out of any stick builder. 

Modifying Your Existing Custom Modular Home

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Isle of Wight

Do you own a modular home and have either outgrown it or are looking to add custom modifications? What better way to say hello to summer than to check in with the award-winning modular home builders here at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

You modular home owners own a home that has a flexible modular floor plan made of modules. These modules can be customized to add space or to reconfigure existing space. We can help you achieve your vision.

The custom-built modular homes in Isle of Wight that we build and modify keep you located on the real estate that you love. Many of our customers communicate that they “never thought it could be done”. We’re telling you, if you’re thinking it, we can build it! Give us a call and get moving toward the dream home that you never thought possible.

Modular Home Construction Guarantees a Comfortable and Sustainable Estate Home

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Home Construction

Modular home construction allows you to build and own a unique home that reflects your lifestyle. The floor plans are highly flexible with specifications that you significantly control. This housing product employs a short construction timeline that puts you in your new home fast.

Just like other flexible floor plans, the basic layouts of modular estate homes in Richmond, VA can be further customized. If you are still undecided of what plan to pursue you can check on the selection of estate homes which includes The Avondale, The Castleton, The Chadwick, and the Whittlebrook. Aside from being able to choose from their predesigned variations, all your specific requirements and preferences can also be incorporated to add the other features and fixtures to finish off your floor plan.

The advantages and benefits of modular construction are immeasurable particularly in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and quality. Modern estate homes are known to have large floor areas so you can make a spacious room for bathing, cooking, dining, entertaining, sleeping, and what not. They house state-of-the-art exterior and interior designs that are hard for anyone to resist. With such modern methods of construction, you are guaranteed a home that is comfortable, sustainable, and has greater longevity.

To view the basic layouts of a standard modular floor plan for estate homes, visit Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Let’s Talk Modular Home Custom Interior Options

Tidewater’s Custom Modular Homes - Modular Home

Custom Modular Home construction have always offered an abundance of interior customization options. Most of you out there, however, just simply can’t appreciate just how unbridled you are to create that exact custom look and feel on the inside of your next modular home.

Interior options allow future homeowners like you to choose what features and fixtures to include in the interior of your modular home. These options can also help you decide on customizing your floor plan before the builders start the fabrication of modules in the factory.

Modular homes are made of high-standard modules that are strategically crafted to custom-build the best of this kind of home. Because of these modules, the interior options and floor plans have become flexible. This correspondingly provides a convenient means to do home modifications or additions, even when your modular home is done and you have been living there with your family for years.

The selection of fireplace fronts is one good example of a choice you can have among the many interior options available for modular homes. A fireplace is a favorite feature in any home. It is also a necessity especially during winter where the nights are so cold not to use a fireplace for home heating. That is why, being able to choose among the fronts and accessories for your fireplace is definitely good news for all interested owners and buyers. These fronts can be made of wood or stone depending on your preference and are also available for all fireplace styles.

To know more of the interior options, as well as exterior options, for your modular home, visit the Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Choose the Right Modular Home Manufacturer

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes,Viriginia Beach, VA - Modular Home

Modular home construction is gaining ground because of its high-quality construction, architectural style and fast building process. We find that many of you independently confirm via friends and online research that custom modular home construction is the architectural method of choice, but then comes the logical next question, “how do we begin?”

If you have chosen modular technology to build your new custom designed home, the most important step in the process is to choose the right modular home manufacturer. Your modular home is built from modular components, or modules. Those modules are built in a factory and then shipped to your building site and assembled. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes serves all of Hampton Roads and has done so in award-winning fashion since 2003! Our reputation for building the most affordable and highest quality modular homes is well established. For custom homes, we are very flexible in incorporating your design elements and floor plans. If your project requires construction financing, we can help provide that in this difficult financial market.

For more information on quality custom designed modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

The Wake Forest – Two-Car Garage Modular Home – Isle of Wight

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Wake Forest

Modular home construction is completely customizable. With the vast array of floor plans that serve merely as your starting point, from their you customize to your heart’s content on the way to the dream home you’ve had in your mind for some time now.

One of the most common floor plans that homeowners choose here in Isle of Wight county is the Wake Forrest Ranch style modular home. This modular floor plan is known for its single-story structure and other simplistic features that can still make the house stand out from the rest. More options are now available so that you can have an open floor or unfinished second floor already incorporated when you first build your modular home. If you ever need more space for an additional bedroom or living area for your family, it will then be more convenient to modify your ranch by then.

Among the individualized Ranch style modular floor plans being offered to homeowners, The Wake Forest has grown increasingly in demand because of its optional two-car garage. So if in case your family owns two cars, then this modular floor plan can be your best bet. In this ranch, you can have 3 beds and 2 baths strategically allocated to a 997 sq. ft. lot. The living room that is situated at the heart of the home provides easy access to the kitchen and dining area as well as to the other parts of your modular home.

To find out more details about The Wake Forest along with the rest of the Ranch style modular floor plans, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Retirement Homes are Perfect For Relaxing

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

The generation of baby boomers is the fastest growing sector of our population. We are seeing more and more home owners downsizing their homes upon entering their retirement years. They want to do this without compromising style and quality of home. Modular retirement-style homes will not only add style, but significantly improve the overall quality of retiree’s future living versus their aging stick-built home. Modular construction is the perfect solution to building a home in Virginia Beach where you want to retirement. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes can help you design and build a modular home for the land where you want to build.

As a modular home builder, Tidewater Custom Modular homes will answer all of your questions about the construction process. You can choose from one of our 100’s of existing modular home floor plans, choose a floor plan and make some custom design changes to make your new home better accommodate your needs, or have a modular home custom designed.

Custom modular homes are perfect for a couple who has put in the time working and now is looking forward to relaxing and enjoying retirement.

For more information on building a new modular retirement home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Tour A Modular Home Facility and Prepare to be Wow’d

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Home Facility

So, your worried about the threat of inflation, higher interest rates, and looking to build your new home sooner than later. We’ve written extensively about the rapid nature of modular home construction, but this blog is not about time. This blog post is about offering you an ability to view the modular home building process in person so that you can make the best educated decision about your future home build and how modular home construction will help you beat the looming rise in interest rates.

If you want to take advantage of historically low interest rates before they begin to rise, check out modular construction. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes wants to introduce you to the advantages and benefits of modular construction.

We set ourselves apart in the modular construction industry with skilled craftsmanship and continuous, multi-layered quality-assurance inspections. This is how we ensure the delivery of homes that meet our and exceed our customer's requirements.

With many options for modular home builders to choose from, come get a tour of a modular home facility and learn about our building process first hand. We schedule "Plant Tour Events" for interested clients. During the tour you will see modular homes in all stages of construction. Once the factory tour is done, you’ll be taken to our three fully decorated, on-site model homes to see the finished product.

The modular home factory tour gives you hands-on experience of modular technology and information on how easy it is to design and build a custom modular home.

Once you see modular construction first hand, and our factory in particular, you will recognize our commitment to delivering quality, custom modular homes and the advantages of modular construction.

If you are thinking about building a new home come see contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Combating Strategic Modular Home Misinformation From the Traditional Home Building Industry

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Custom Modular Homes

As Americans increasingly turn to custom modular homes vs traditional stick-built home construction, the stick-built home industry continues to further false narratives about modular home construction. To them, the less you know about the benefits of modular home construction, and sadly, the more you are purposely misinformed, increases the chance that you will make the costly decision to forgo a deep dive into modular home research. That, my friend, could be one of the most costly decisions of your life.

The custom moodular homes that we build in Richmond and the greater Hampton Roads area are a modern alternative to traditional on-site construction. The initial construction work is done in an off-site, environment-controlled factory. They offer a more cost-effective and time-convenient approach of building your dream house.

Although its main pieces are hauled from the factory by truck, custom-built modular homes are not mobile homes. They are divided into sections called modules that are constructed in a factory. After these custom-designed modules are made by the manufacturer, all the individual modules are transported to the building site. They are then assembled and cannot be moved after they are set on their permanent foundation. A local builder then applies some finishing touches and quality check-ups in the same way as what is done in building stick-built houses. They may be assembled like building a Lego house but they are as strong and as attractive as any traditionally built houses.

Modular homes should not be misconstrued as boring prefabricated housing as they match the features of traditional stick-built houses nor as mobile homes that can be moved from a place to another. They have custom-designed floor plans that you can also modify to match your preferences and requirements. Thus, every house constructed this way has features that are unique with the rest. Your imagination is your limit for your dream house. Once they are done, these custom-built modular houses are as functional as any on-site constructed houses, only that they are stronger and less expensive.

Though they cannot be moved from one place to another, they provide homeowners with lots of flexibility when it comes to customization or remodeling. Explore the gallery for home plans for Tidewater Custom Modular Homes that you can customize to match everything you have in mind.

In Times of Sick Lumber Prices, Modular Home Construction Saves You Big Time

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - modular home construction

Never before have the advantages of modular home construction over traditional stick-built homes been more clear. The cost of new home construction is high due to unusually high lumber prices, largely associated with the pandemic. So, straight to the point. The computer-controlled modular home construction largely eliminates the costly waste associated within the hand-crafted “stick built” building process. Less waste of high-cost material equals big savings to the home buyer!

If you are in the market for a new home, you owe it to yourself to get educated on the modular home option. We can’t stress enough the impact that time and material cost will have on how satisfied you will be both with your new home and the process to build it. Allow us the opportunity to show you in detail how you can get more square footage for you home building dollar. We’ll show you how you will get a significantly stronger structure in your custom modular home than you will with a stick-built home. And let’s talk customization options of each and every floor plan offered.

Our custom modular homes are just that, custom designed to your exact specifications. Choose from hundreds of modular floor plan designs as your starting point, then together, we go from there. It’s a beautifully rewarding process for both you and us. Our greatest professional reward is handing you the keys to a design that is largely based on your personal specifications.

Once again, you owe it to yourself to understand and appreciate the value for your home building dollar that can only be achieved via the custom modular home building process. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for more information.

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