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Benefits of Custom-Building Two Story Modular Home

Tidewater custom modular home in Hampton Roads, VA

Through the years Tidewater Custom Modular Homes has provided homeowners with a faster and better overall value home buying experience as compared to traditional home builders. We’re very proud of this accomplishment. Advanced modular building technologies are employed in custom-building new homes, with the key word there, “custom”. With ever-advancing construction technologies, it is refreshing to see that virtually every imaginable floor plan can now be come to life using the modular home method. With that said, there are many pre-designed modular floor plans that home buyers can choose from including traditional layouts such as two-story homes.

Two-story modular construction is a heavily preferred custom modular home building choice. A key reason for this is the savings per square foot using a smaller footprint. For homeowners who want to maximize the limited size of their lots, a two-story modular home in Charles City, VA can be their best bet.

Aside from maximizing the land area, another reason why many homeowners plan to custom-build a two story modular home is because of privacy. Usually, the second floor is designed to contain all the bedrooms thereby separating them from the clutter and noise of the first floor that contains the living room, kitchen space, and dining area. But of course first-floor master suites are commonly built as well.

Two story modular homes are the path to the best value in new home construction. The materials are bought in bulk and the building process is not deterred by external factors such as material theft and weather conditions. This remains true regardless of which among the modular floor plans are to be custom-built.

To find out more about the other benefits of living in a two-story custom-built modular home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

The Timeless Beauty of Brookhaven Cottage Style Modular Home

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Yorktown, VA

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Our homes can stay in the family for generations so it’s critically important to choose the right size, design and quality of our living space. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes here in Virginia Beach, VA is offering a modular cottage home with timeless charm.

The Brookhaven classic cottage modular home can serve as a starter home for newly-wed couples. It can be expanded when and if required by completing the upper level. You can add more bedroom upstairs to accommodate your growing family. Being a custom modular home, this modular building system will outlast any traditional stick-built construct and be ready to shelter your kid’s kids without need for expensive repairs.

The Brookhaven is truly a home for all seasons. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for more details about the modular floor plan of this home style.

The Linville: A Charming Craftsman Cottage Style Modular Home

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Yorktown, VA

Looking for a modular home style made with natural materials, wide porches, and open-concept layouts? Then, the Craftsman Cottage Modular Home Design might just be the perfect choice for you. This home offers a contemporary look but with timeless curb appeal.

The Linville house model is one of our delightful Craftsman-style modular home. It offers complete single-story living area with the added bonus of additional living space on the second floor. It has 1,358 sq. feet floor area which is maximized for space usage and floor plan flow. The master suite is isolated from the main living area for a more quiet retreat. The open living room, dining room and kitchen are excellent for receiving guests. The second level provides 832 square feet that can accommodate additional two bedrooms with a bath and sitting area.

If you are interested with this modular home floor plan, you may contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes. Our agents can expound more the intricate details of your chosen design.

Modular Construction Impeccable For Coastal Living

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Suffolk, VA

Living near the shore where you can get daily access to sea breeze and calming ocean waves may seem like a dream. However, building a home near the coast or lake offers logistical challenges making the construction cost higher for interested homebuyers. But don't let that dissuade you. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes here in Hampton, VA can help make your dream home come true.

There are many things to consider when building a home near coastlines. The weather is one obvious big challenge. Weather is often the cause of delay for new construction build-outs. But when you opt for modular approach, the risk of weather construction delay is significantly reduced. Your modular vacation style home can be completed weeks faster than traditional stick-built construction thus reducing you build-out to the risk of weather delays. Modular homes are built and delivered to the owner faster because all modules are prefabricated inside an enclosed warehouse where environment is controlled and outside weather cannot affect nor interfere with the manufacturing process. The building is already 90% complete when they are delivered to actual site for final assembly.

This is the big edge of modular construction over traditional building system. They can expedite projects without compromising the quality of the structure. And since modular homes can be completed in a shorter time, there's a significant reduction to the labor cost.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to learn more about modular buildings built near the shore or lakes.

Construction Techniques That Make Modular Homes Superb

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Norfolk, VA

Modular homes offer the public affordable homes with superior materials. Modular structures are built with first grade resources and superb craftsmanship. This means these homes are guaranteed strong and sturdy. Here are several applications as to why modular-constructed homes are far superior when compared to traditional-built houses:

  • Window and door casings of modular homes in Isle of Wight, VA are fortified with metal splines in the corners
  • A strong adhesive is used to fix the drywall against the wall studs and the ceiling joists
  • Larger drywall sheets are applied to walls and ceilings
  • In two-story structures, the ceiling of the first floor level and the flooring of the second-level are detached.
  • To secure floor sheathing, they are both glued and nailed.
  • Flush beams are installed into the floor system
  • Double or triple perimeter joists are applied at the mating walls
  • Modules are connected together at the mating wall using bolts in the basement and attic
  • Strapping technique is applied to the corners of the perimeter floor joists

For more information about modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Construction Home Additions

Tidewater Modular Homes - modular home in Smithfield, VA

Springtime is the best time to resume home addition projects. If you are thinking of adding a sun room or outdoor living space, then opt for the modular approach. Modular construction delivers home additions much faster and stronger than the traditional stick-built construction. In just a shorter span of time, you can enjoy these new spots just right in time for summer.

Moreover, modular home additions here in Smithfield, VA present a more affordable construction option over traditional construction. Modular home builders are experts in constructing home additions solutions that meet any home builder’s budget. Modular construction has successfully eliminated waste and construction delay issues due to modular construction’s advanced systematic process.

So if you want to enjoy your future home addition sooner and at less cost, press forward now. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, the experts in home expansion by modular design.

The Stylish Lenoir Two-Story Modular Home

Tidewater Modular Homes - modular home in Windsor, VA

A two-story modular home is ideal for a growing family seeking valued and timely new home construction. If you seed two-story new construction, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Lenoir modular home floor plan.

The Lenoir modular homes that we build in Charles City, VA and in fact throughout the Tidewater are offers 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms perfect to accommodate a 4-5 member family. The ground floor features a grand foyer which leads to a roomy home lounge, spacious kitchen and dining area. It also highlights a French door that draws guests to a small corner or den where they can pursue an activity or simply relax. You can add countless customizations such as adding a brick porch that imitates the charm of French villas.

With Tidewater Custom Modular Home’s, unique blend of traditional and modern home style, anything is possible. The Lenoir not only offers strategic interior layout but also elegance and aesthetic beauty.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to find out more about this modular home style.

Vacation Style Modular Home – Great Investment for Retirement

Tidewater Modular Homes - Vacation style modular home in Virginia Beach, VA

We all dream of living retiring and living live as a permanent vacation and in our permanent vacation home. Well, the good news is modular home construction can help you achieve that dream. Retired folks across Hampton Roads increasingly turn to modular home construction to achieve that vacation lifestyle they’ve dreamed of for years.

We’re seeing increased interest in vacation style modular home here in Smithfield, VA. With a wide array of modular home-building options to choose from, it is now possible for homeowners to personalize vacation style homes that can serve as a primary home where or as a second home that they can go to when they need a change of pace.

Your next vacation could be when you get home from work. A vacation style floor plan is not only intended for those homeowners who are planning to custom-build their second home where they can have staycations whenever they want to. In fact, more and more people include this in their future plans. They invest in a vacation style modular home while they are still alive and kicking. So that by the time they retire from work, they have something to live in and feel like they are on vacation in which they no longer need to travel far away just to take a break. With the advanced construction mechanisms and materials that modular home technology has brought to the market, homeowners now get to build their dream vacation home based on their specific wants and needs, a home where they will feel like they are on vacation everyday.

To find out more about vacation style modular home options, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Ranch Style Homes in Charles City, VA

Tidewater Custom - Chapel Hill Ranch Style Modular Floor Plan in Yorktown, VA

Building a ranch style modular homes in Charles City, VA is on the rise and for good reason. This style of modular home is increasingly popular due to the versatile nature of the build combined with the cost-effective nature of modular construction.

Always compare the cost per square foot between traditional stick-built construction vs modular construction. But construction cost is just one thing to consider. One of the reasons for modular ranch style home popularity is related to energy efficiency. A ranch style modular home is easier to cool and heat compared to other floor plans available. The single story option that the ranch style floor plan allows for ease and facility for cooling and heating. With this design, moderate temperature can be kept constant more conveniently. That being said, it is not surprising to see variations of this single story floor plan being used all over the world as it can withstand different weather conditions.

The advanced building techniques and technologies being used in modular home construction has opened numerous opportunities for homeowners to really make their dream home come to life. This alternative to traditional construction has somehow redefined ranches so that they become not only convenient and cost-effective to live in but also to construct. Homeowners can modify the features of their ranch, both in its exterior and interior, according to their personal preferences and other needed requirements.

To find out more about ranch style modular home options, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Vacation Style Modular Home For Everyday Holiday Feel

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - The Bayboro vacation style modular home

Do you dig the beach life? Wouldn’t you like to wake up each day near the coast with the calming sound of the waves and refreshing sea breeze? If you are contemplating of building a home close to the beach, then vacation-style modular home is the perfect style for seaside home living.

Tidewater Custom Modular Home offers several modular floor plans apt for home buyers who desire to reside at the beachside. Our Bayboro vacation style modular homes for instance offers an eternal getaway feel and daily retreat for homeowners with its cool features. It showcases massive glass panels which enable panoramic ocean views inside your living space. It also has a splendid loft with railings. Excellent spot for entertaining quests or simply an area for personal retreat.

Modular construction in Virginia Beach, VA offers a more sturdy and quality home structure which can withstand strong winds and other natural forces. Also, it is your fast avenue in settling near the coast. So if you want to move to your new dream home just in time for summer, then contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes. We'll help you get started with your home project right away.

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