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Hurricane-Proof Modular Homes

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Suffolk, VA

In Virginia, where, as we know, hurricanes and severe storms can hit at any time, homebuyers require stronger and more resilient homes that can withstand strong wind and floodwater. However, when there is a demand for sturdier foundations and construction, this usually also translates to higher construction costs. Fortunately, modular construction can provide tough and robust homes at an affordable price and in a more timely manner.

Modular homes are built and designed from top quality materials and designed using cutting edge technology to produce more durable and resilient homes. In hurricane stricken locations, modular builders even fortify these homes to resist and defy up to 180 mph strong winds. With a series of on-site QA inspections, the modules are guaranteed to meet or exceed local and state building codes.

During construction, modules are glued and screwed to make them sturdier and able to withstand transport. This means they are sturdier homes than those built through traditional stick-built construction. Steel is applied to anchor and stabilize the structure so it can stay tough against excessive winds. Modular pilings with built-in smart vents are also applied in homes situated in flood prone areas so, in case of flooding, water can't accumulate and will flow in and out of the vents.

In spite all these amazing features, modular home cost are still affordable because this building system makes completion time faster with less materials waste. Modular building systems employ a controlled environment and advanced technology to make this possible. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for strong, hurricane-proof homes.

Move In To A Newly Constructed Home with Modular Construction

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Virginia Beach, VA

Homebuyers who are building a new home can often be disappointed by construction delays. This is often a problem with traditional construction. Builders often are unable to meet the planned completion date due to many factors including scheduling, materials, and weather delays. If you want to avoid construction delays and have a hard move-in date, consider modular construction for building your new home.

The Tidewater Custom Modular Homes modular building system in Suffolk, VA offers a quicker, more reliable construction process. This means you can move into your new home without construction delays. Modular construction is done in a highly-secured and climate-controlled environment where weather delays won't affect the ongoing construction. Weather is the main reason for home construction delays. With the unpredictable weather in Virginia, traditional construction is prone to delivery delays. Additionally, because construction is a factory-like process, there are no contractor scheduling delays. Each step is performed systematically. Materials are ordered and stored in the building, so materials theft is never an issue either, as it is in traditional construction.

In addition, modular homes are built with advanced technology that is not employed in stick-built homes. Thus, they are precisely-cut and are subject to constant QA tests. Because the modules are systematically designed, assembly at the permanent site takes just a few days to complete. In less time, homeowners can occupy and enjoy their new homes faster.

To find out more about the benefits of modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Homes Maximize Bathroom Space Without Compromising Style

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Charles City, VA

Many people prefer a smaller home. Perhaps they have no children, want smaller home expenses, live in a more urban setting, or are empty nesters who are downsizing their home. However, a smaller home often mean limited bathroom space. Modular construction in Williamsburg, VA is the right solution for increasing bathroom space.

In modular homes small space doesn't come into play in regards to the bathroom area. Modular building systems can layout a stylish and fully functional modular bathroom even with limited space. When browsing the modular bathroom gallery, there are ideas on how fixtures and other elements can be strategically placed for maximum use of space. These better alternatives are possible with smart software that is utilized by modular manufacturers in designing the interior layout of the house, including the bathroom.

When a homeowner builds a smaller home, they need to more closely consider the bathroom arrangement. With the Modular building system there is a way to address this. There are limitless options for arranging a smaller bathroom including a double vanity or large mounted cabinet in place of a bathtub. There can also be an enclosed shower to separate that area from the toilet and sink. These are just few smart options for making your bathroom organized and stylish even with less space.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to find out more about the options for designing your bathroom space.

The Advantages of Ranch Style Modular Homes

Tidewater Custom - Chapel Hill Ranch Style Modular Floor Plan in Smithfield, VA

Homebuyers with large families often prefer two story homes over single story. This is often because of the the thought that they may be able to save on construction costs for more space. However, if one dives deeper into details, they can see the many advantages in ranch style modular homes.

Although, it is true that two-story homes can cost less in regards to the foundation and roofing costs. However, two story home require a secondary or larger cooling and heating system for the second floor which is an additional cost for purchase and maintenance. Meanwhile, ranch style modular floor plans only require one central HVAC system for the entire house. Going further, no space is used for building a staircase. Instead, that area can be used for functional space. In terms of safety, ranch style modular homes offer safer and convenient access for children and aging parents.

It is highly recommended for homebuyers to study the design options of numerous types of homes before the design stage begins. It is important to take into account the specific needs of each member of the household. From there, it is easier to see and decide upon the homes style that can meet your specific needs. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for assistance on determining the home design to best fit your family and lifestyle.

Modular Homes Showcase Modern and Unique Kitchen Designs

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Virginia Beach, VA

The kitchen is the busiest area in the home and it serves more than just a cooking station. Families often gather here to eat, study, socialize and more. This means the kitchen should be well-designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Modular homes can be created with gorgeous interior features that include modern kitchen designs to meet all of your families needs.

Modular kitchens offer high quality cabinets and countertops. In fact, the entire kitchen is manufactured in a controlled environment where rigid quality inspections are strictly implemented. For this reason, the entire home, including the state-of-the-art kitchen can be built without weather, labor or materials delays. At the time of assembly, each module is transported to the permanent site where they are clued screwed and finish work is done. This means your new home and your new kitchen can be utilized in no time.

In addition, customization is easy with modular construction. Homeowners can decide where they want the pantry, sink, cooking station and other appliances. Any other customization is welcome since the technology applied by modular construction makes it possible to bring unique layouts into existence.

To find out more about modular home kitchens, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Two-Story Modular Homes are A Perfect Home Style for a Small Site

Tidewater custom modular home in Hampton Roads, VA

If you have limited lot space, a two-story modular home style is the perfect design to maximize the available area. Modular construction methods even broadens its scope by modifying traditional two-story modular floor plans into a more modern design such as the Henderson two story modular home. This improved design makes it possible to fully design the house with all the features needed even it is located on a small lot.

The Henderson two-story modular home optimizes the indoor space to accommodate three bedrooms. With the advanced technology used in modular construction, the interior is strategically transformed to make spacious bedrooms in the upper level. In the Henderson style, one room is larger than the other two rooms, creating a master. The master's bedroom has an attached bathroom while the other two bedrooms share a common bath. When you see the actual floorplan, you'll be amazed on how smart the layout is.

Since all the bedrooms are upstairs, the living room on the main floor is very spacious, as is the kitchen and dining area. Homeowners can further customize the design for a more personalized layout to accommodate their daily routine. Moreover, modular construction make it possible to add a porch which contributes to the aesthetics of the home.

To find out more about the Henderson Two-Story Modular Home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Store Your Vehicle Indoors with Modular Garages

Tidewater custom modular home in Hampton Roads, VA

If you are planning to build a garage or car port on your home it can be done more quickly through modular construction. Renovation projects using the modular building process means a faster completion time and a notable reduction in construction costs. This is why any home addition can be utilized and enjoyed more when homeowners choose modular home additions.

A modular garage can be constructed with less work on-site. The modules are built in a factory setting and transported to your home when they are ready for assembly, less mess and disruption takes place at your home. Additionally, aside from the basic features, modular garages are delivered and attached to your home with full wiring, outlets and insulation. This means the home project is completed and can be used at maximum efficiency and convenience in no time.

Layout and space for modular garages can be further modified according to the needs of the homeowner. There are limitless possibilities for style and layout since modular building systems use new construction technology for customization. Lastly, the floor plan and features decided upon during the planning stage are stringently followed.

To learn more about modular home additions and modular garages, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Vacation Style Modular Homes Let You Unwind Everyday

Tidewater Modular Homes - Vacation style modular home in Virginia Beach, VA

With busy and often stressful daily work routines, would't it be nice to come home to a vacation everyday? Vacation style modular homes are a great home design for a relaxing atmosphere where you can de-stress every day.

For sophisticated homeowners, who are fond of over-sized glass windows, high ceilings, and other eye-catching features that create tranquil ambiance, Cypress Creek vacation style modular homes are the perfect home style. Designed to provide a panoramic view of the outdoor scenery, you can have a furlough anytime in the comforts of your home. In addition to the great views, these homes have an exceptional exterior design and stunning rear elevation. This unique home style can bring in the outdoors to help you relax and unwind everyday.

The Cypress Creek modular floor planincludes a spacious kitchen and large rooms with cathedral ceilings. With three large bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, your family will be comfortable with the space they need to unwind. The master bedroom has a secluded patio deck that is a perfect spot for reading and relaxing.

To learn more about this unique modular home design, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Construction Offers Personal Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Virginia Beach, VA

The kitchen is the one room in the floor plans that really requires attention, thought, and details. For sophisticated homebuyers, functionality and aesthetic must go together to create the perfect kitchen. With modular construction, kitchen designs can be strategically laid out based on personal preferences, needs and lifestyles.

Modular construction offers limitless modular kitchen ideas with customization of features and design. Computerization and other advanced technology used in designing a kitchen floor plan makes it easier to actualize the exact style that clients have in mind. The arrangement of pantries, positioning of the sink, placement for kitchen tools, islands, and appliances can be situated exactly where a homeowner wants. In terms of preference of material, color schemes, and styles, modular construction enable homeowners to get exactly what they want.

If you browse our modular kitchen gallery, you can get an idea of some of the various kitchen designs you can consider. However, if you have another kitchen layout in mind, Tidewater Custom Modular Homes can make it happen. We love new designs and customization; it gives us a room to showcase our skills and craftsmanship. Show us your home plans and we'll help your new home materialize. Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes today.

Financing, Assessing and Insuring of Modular Homes

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular Construction in Suffolk, VA

For a variety of reasons, many home buyers now choose modular construction. We're fielding an increasing volume of inquiries concerning financing, assessment, and insuring modular homes. We gladly consult new home buyers contemplating modular homes and gladly assist with your chosen lending agency who will finance all types of modular building systems. Banks are quick to finance modular homes for many reasons which include the fast building process.

In terms of home assessment, the appraisal of modular homes in Suffolk, VA are comparable to stick built homes. As a matter of fact, they usually sell at the same price. Modular homes are built with similar building standard as conventional built homes. There are instances wherein insurance companies consider modular home's higher structural integrity which lead them to insure these homes in much lower rate.

To learn more information about financing and insuring of modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

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