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Consider the Word "Custom" In our Business Name

Custom means you are NOT locked into any architectural design.  It appears that it is going to be a long time before the general public discards the misconception that modular homes are restricted in design.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

We enjoy the professional satisfaction of building dream homes.  Dream homes by design are products of very specific personal preferences.  Rarely can a building plan be pulled off the shelf and converted into a dream home.  Dream homes only START with a basic plan and then is CUSTOMIZED to turn the plan into a dream.  This is what we do and why the word "Custom" is such an important pat of our business name and business model. 

Whether you've been planning your dream home for a day or a decade, bring your thoughts to us and we'll be glad to demonstrate how we can surround that dream with the strength and quality of modular design. 

Financing and Insuring Modular Homes--No Different Than Stick Built

Input from banks and insurance agencies is universally consistent…..There is no difference between stick-built and custom modular homes in terms of both availability, approval ratings, and cost.

Financiers and insurers are well aware that modular home construction strength and building standards exceed that of traditional “stick built” homes.  In fact, some insurers predict that the cost of insuring modular construction will become more affordable in time as actuaries continue to compile statistical evidence of the modular home’s structural superiority.  This is yet another reason the new home construction pendulum continues to swing in favor of modular home construction.

We Know the Steps to Take Steps Out of Your Life

It's high school and college graduation season.  Once the tears related to "empty nest" have dried, tears turn to cheers at the thought of getting rid of those darn steps and the possibility of a complete first-floor lifestyle.  As expected, calls regarding our Ranch-style floor plans are starting to "shoot through the roof".  

Ranch Style homes offer extreme home living comfort and are cost effective models to build.   Huge decks, ground-level laundries, and complete handicap customization are all features perfectly adapted to Ranch-style construction.  Take a look at our wide selection of Ranch plans and remember each of them are customizable to your specific needs and desires.  

The single best "step" you can take is to call and discuss how we can build your dream Ranch-style retirement home...... and take steps out of your life forever.   

Modular Home Industry Is Growing At 10 percent Annually

A previous blog post addressed the potential cost savings associated with modular home construction and the rapid pace at which Americans are now choosing modular homes.  That blog generated a new "frequently asked question":  "Exactly how much are Americans turning to modular homes vs traditional stick-built homes"?

The modular home construction market has grown at a 10% rate over the last five years.  Industry growth forecast models has that number rising to 12% annually for the foreseeable future.  Because high demand is being driven by the self-evident superiority of the modular home product, industry architects are working frantically to deliver upon an explosion of new style requests, most notably for commercial applications for modular home construction.  

We update our "Selection of Homes" page to ensure you are exposed to the latest in modular home design offerings.  

A Practical Explaination Why Modular Homes Are Stronger

Knowing that the modular home frames are built in a factory to exacting design specifications, then one's thought might logically turn to how those frames are transported to the building site. They of course are trucked and then erected on site via industrial cranes. 

This stage of construction is the perfect time for you to conduct an "apples-to-apples" comparison  of stick-built vs modular construction.  Walk on to any stick-built construction site and watch the stick-builders use air guns to to nail the walls, floors, and ceilings.    Now, walk on to a modular construction site and note that your new modular home's walls, floors, and ceilings are screwed and lag-bolted together.  Maybe you'll notice the special adhesives that are also used to add yet another level of construction integrity and strength. 

During the framing stage of home construction, even the casual observer will note the clear superior difference between the two building styles.  Contact Us and we will be more than glad to give you a personal demonstration of the differences.

Modular Construction Offers Multiple Potential Cost Savings

There are multiple reasons that building and maintaining a modular home if most often less expensive than building and maintaining traditional stick-built homes:

1) Less Material Waste:  There is MUCH less material waste in modular construction.  The large volume of stick-built construction waste is money down the drain.

2) Energy Efficiency:  The precision construction standards of modular home construction translates directly to extreme energy efficiency.

3) Much faster home move-in:  You'll be in your new modular home months faster than a stick-built homes.  You therefore save months of household goods storage costs, alternative living expenses (rental home, apartments, etc), construction finance costs, etc.

Better quality home, faster, and for less money......the main reasons that Americans are increasingly turning to modular home construction. Read more reasons on our "Why Modular" page.

Definitions: Modular Home Vs Stick-Built Home

Throughout our blog, we will repeatedly refer to two different  industry terms: 1) Modular Home Construction and 2) Stick-Built Home  Construction. We feel it is very important that you understand the fundamental  definitions before we go one step further.

Site Stick Built Home Construction:  Very simply, this is the traditional method of home construction.  It is a structure that is constructed on the  building site, piece by piece.  The term "stick-built" is often confused with being built on piers (beach house) style construction.  Again, it is any home construction that is COMPLETELY built on site.

Modular (or "Systems Built") Home Construction:  This is the latest   and most advanced form of construction as the home is constructed in a factory (to exacting construction standards) then transported to the construction site. Modular homes are stick built they are just built in a factory setting, contain 30 percent more  material, are third party inspected before even leaving the factory and are never exposed to the elements while being built.

There are different types of Modulars, make sure you know the  difference if you want to use any type of  financing. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes  only builds off-frame modular, that means we never permanently attach our houses  on steel frames or chassis. There are some builders out there that call their home a Modular but if you  look under the house, there is a steel frame which will cut funding from several  lenders. Your home in most of these cases is truly considered Manufactured and will not be compared with other site built stick construction when you have to obtain an appraisal.  Most homes built on a steel frame are built to Hud code  where a true Modular off frame is built to Residential code, thus the capability to compare side by side with site built homes.

You can learn more about the Modular Home construction process on our website at the "Why Modular" page.

Welcome to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes New Blog

Welcome to our new website and our new blog forum.  We started this blog with the intent to source regular reoccurring information and advice to our existing customers, to those actively seeking new modular home   construction, and to those who simply wish to get educated about the modular home industry.

We will cover a wide-range of topics designed to make you both a more educated consumer and to serve your best interest as a business or residential home buyer and/or owner.  We'll not only get you educated on the modular home industry, but we'll keep you updated on finance, insurance, home maintenance tips, home safety, tax law, and of course any and all topics that you nominate as new blog topics.

To all of our existing clients reading this, we want to thank you  for the continued opportunity to serve you.  All of us at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes appreciate how you've enabled us to earn continued industry recognition for excellence.  Together we have realized an ability to offer the best value for new construction across greater Hampton Road's and beyond.

This bog is our way of giving back.  Please enjoy it and feel free to comment and/or call us with comments on any given topic. Thanks and Best Regards.....

P.S. If you're looking for pages from our old site and can't find them, please check out our sitemap page.

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