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Downsizing? Build your New Home

Choosing to downsize your home does not mean you have to compromise. Regardless for your reasons for deciding to move to a smaller home, this is an exciting time.

If you have decided to downsize because your kids have moved on, you are retiring or you just want a smaller space, build a new, smaller yet custom modular home.

Custom modular homes are an exciting way to move into the new home you need, with all the details and customizations you have always wanted.

Choose your modular home floor plan, or design one yourself. Modular homes are customizable, quickly built with quality materials and high standards, and there are no cost surprises.

Quality engineering and modular construction significantly increase the energy efficiency of your house and you can move into your house anywhere from 2 to 3 months after signing the contract as compared to conventional site-built homes which range from 6 months to 1 year.

Moving? Downsizing? Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Why Wait to Build your Custom Modular Home, Mortgages Rates are so Low

Mortgage Rates have created the perfect storm for modular home construction. Assuming a 20% down on a 30 year fixed mortgage, monthly payments on a median priced home are now the lower than they have been in 40 years.
What does this mean to you? It means it is the perfect time to build your dream home. This is a great time to buy a home! Tidewater Custom Modular Homes offers a superior modular home, unparalleled service, and competitive pricing.

Modern technology has enabled modular home designers to create any style house. But modular technology has also enable modular homes to be built in far less time. Modular construction rivals or surpasses stick built homes in quality as well. This means that combined with the lowest monthly home mortgage payments in 40 years, you can have a custom built home in less time and with better quality than traditionally built homes.

Let Tidewater Custom Modular Homes build your next home.

Modular Homes Appreciate at the same Rate as Traditional Homes

Often there are questions regarding the value, appraisal or retail value of a modular home. Modular homes appreciate in the same way as a traditionally built home, and sometimes there value is higher than a traditional home of comparable size and layout.

Modular Homes are built to more consistent, high standards than traditionally built homes, they are also built more sturdily, using screws and glue. Because of this, often times the wear and tear on a modular home is less despite being in the same geographic location. However, for simplicity, and because home value depends on how the home is maintained overtime, we say that modular homes retain value consistent with stick built homes.

Banks and mortgage companies consider modular homes to be the same as traditional homes. Most modular home factories are well known to lenders, and the construction time is faster therefore, lenders often like to initiate construction loans. But for the homeowner, the interest generated on the loan is less too because of the shorter construction period.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes if you are interested in learning more about the value or appreciation of modular homes to help you in your decision making process.

Modular Homes Can be Custom Designed

In the last few years, interest in modular homes has increased. Surprisingly there is still some confusion.

Modular homes often get confused with mobile homes. Mobile homes are smaller and are don't meet all of the same building codes as modular homes.  Modular homes mimick stick built construction in quality and design.

Modular homes can be custom designed.  You can choose from any style home: two story, cape, and ranch style homes. They can  also be custom designed to your needs, add a beautiful deck, or vaulted ceilings.

There are standard floor plans available which can be changed or added to depending on your needs.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes can help you custom design your new home. Modular homes can range in design from 1000 square feet to 4000 sq feet and up.  

Contact Tidewater Custom  Modular Homes for a custom designed newly built home.

Hurricane Irene Victims, We Would Like to Give You $5k to Build a New Home

Many people in North Carolina and Virginia experienced firsthand the wrath of Hurricane Irene.  Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed.  For victims, this may be a great time to buy a home from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.  Not only are we offering the current Factory tour rebate of $1000, families rebuilding due to disaster damage can take advantage of a $2000 credit from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Inc, the manufacturer of our fine modular homes.  But we will match that credit! That gives you a total “disaster credit” of $4000.

This credit will be given out at the completion of your modular home construction project. Receive the credit  in the form of cash rebates if you purchase your new home prior to December 2011.
All we need from you in order to issue the $4000 credit, other than proof of loan approval, is that you are a confirmed Hurricane Victim.
Join us at one of our "Plant Tour Events" every Saturday to receive the factory tour $1000 credit. Like we always say, you have to see it to believe it. And believe it; Tidewater Custom Modular would like to give you $5000 in total credits. Contact TCMH if you are a victim of the hurricane.

Modular Homes Are Becoming More Common in Virginia

Modular Homes are strong, affordable and elegant prefabricated homes.  Modular homes are easily available within everyone’s budget, and they can be customized by the manufacturer. In recent years, modular homes have become more and more popular over traditionally built homes. 

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of modular homes. The construction process is considerably shorter than stick built homes. This makes buying and building modular homes a great option for home builders and a home owner.

The modules are built indoors. Therefore, the construction process is never hindered by weather. However, this is also a greener way to build a home. The specs are exact and, with no weather issues, construction waste is less.

Also, the cost of building and maintaining a modular home is up to 30% less than traditional homes, which makes these houses more affordable.

If you are interested in building a new home, and would like to talk about the benefits of modular construction in Virginia, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Get a New Home without Dealing with the Housing Market

In Virginia, the housing market is in a slum. Because of this, many homeowners are hesitant to put their houses on the market for fear they won’t get the asking price or that it will sit on the market too long. What about building your new home?

There are many homeowners out there who think that building a home will take too long, or be too stressful. However, building a modular home takes those two issues out of the equation.

When building a modular home, from the decision and design stage to actually moving into your new modular home, the process can take as little as 10-12 weeks. That is much sooner than it would take to sell your house.

Once you decide on a home style and custom floor plan along with your add-ons (hard wood floors, deck, etc) we will present to you how much this modular home will cost you. Once you have that proposal, there will be no change in the cost of building your home. What you see in what it costs.

When building a stick-built home, the cost of construction is constantly changing. This is one of the main reason why building a home can be so stressful.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes if building a new home seems like the answer you have been looking for.

Special Offers on New Custom Built Modular Homes in the Virginia Area

Building a modular home is faster, and more efficient than building a home the stick built way. The homes are beautiful, strong and efficient. There has never been a better time to build yourself a new home. And Tidewater Custom Modular Homes if offering you a few more incentives as well. 

Military discount
Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country. Present your military ID when you order your new Modular Home.

Disaster Relief
This year has been rough on our service area with storms, tornadoes, and wildfires. Families rebuilding due to natural disasters or fires will receive a $2,000 rebate when their Modular Home is completed and funds are received. Proof of loss may be required to qualify.

Free Upgrades!!
Are you ready for a new home from TC Modular Homes? How ready are you? The faster you are; the more you save.

  • Order a home in the next 30 days* and get a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades.
  • Order a home between 45 and 90 days* and get a $1,500 credit towards options or upgrades.
  • Order a home between 90 and 120 days* and get a $1,000 credit towards options or upgrades.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to get more information on any of these offers.

Homes Styles for Those who are Downsizing

There are many homeowners who are contemplating downsizing their homes. There are many reasons for downsizing, the most common being the children have moved out. Perhaps you are looking to stay in the same town or remain near the community you have grown to love over the years, or perhaps you want to move to the waterfront.

Building a modular home may be a great choice for you. Thereare many styles and floor plans that will fit your needs. And building a modular home is cost effective, efficient. Also, downsizing can save you tax dollars.

A ranch style home, our favorite being the Austin, single story living at its best! This quaint three bedroom, two bath home offers a large master suite complete with a walk-in closet and a master bath featuring a garden tub. The foyer opens into a spacious living room/dining room combo, providing an abundance of space for entertaining or simply relaxing.

If it is the waterfront that draws you, we have vacation home floor plans to suit your needs as well. The Southport is one of our most popular vacation home floor plans. This quaint Cape Cod home with its charming front elevation features almost an entire wall of glass, bathing the great room in the front of the home in natural light, thanks to a towering vaulted ceiling. The large master suite is to the left rear of the home and offers privacy while an extremely open great room, dining room and kitchen area on the opposite side offers a gathering place for family and friends.

Then of course, we have the traditional cape. The Kingston, has a combination breakfast nook/kitchen design makes this area of The Kingston the gathering spot of the home. A bathroom, two bedrooms and an expansive living room complete the first floor. Two bedrooms and the home’s second bath complete the suggested second floor.

Feel free to ask us about any of these style homes or any other styles that we offer. And remember, at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, we can create the home you are looking for within the price parameters you require.

Higher Quality is the Main Advantage of Modular Construction

Many homebuyers assume that the primary advantage of modular homes is lower home prices. However, that is the third most important reason for building a modular home. Faster construction time is the second, and superior quality is the first.

The construction applications that strengthen a modular home include:

  • The window and door casings are reinforced with metal splines in the corners
  • Drywall is bonded to the wall studs and the ceiling joists with super adhesive
  • Larger sheets of drywall are used on the walls and ceilings
  • The first-story ceiling and second-story floor systems are separate on two-story homes
  • Floor sheathing is both glued and nailed
  • The basement ceiling is flush with the main carrying beam built into the floor system
  • Double or triple perimeter joists are used at the marriage walls (marriage walls are where wall meet)
  • The modules are joined together at the marriage wall with bolts in the basement and attic
  • Corners of the perimeter floor joists are also strapped
Also, modular construction has standard practices, such as sealing air penetrations around electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. This makes a modular home more energy efficient than a typical stick-built home.
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