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Ranch Style Floor Plans – Maximizing Your Modular Home Living Space with Your Personal Preferences in Mind – Richmond, VA

Choosing a modular floor plan does not mean you are restricted to a "one-size-fits-all" solution. In fact, one of the reasons why modular homes are increasing in demand is due to a wide array of options for customization as well as the individualized designs being offered to homeowners. This only means that it is possible to have your Ranch modular home tailored to your vision and reflective of your lifestyle.

The Ranch Style floor plans offer single story living at its best as they include a lot of amenities that make a house not just a home, but a unique one. You will be able to browse the available predefined floor plans for a Ranch and choose one which is closest to the features of the home you have ever dreamed of. Then you can customize that floor plan based on your personal preference to make it uniquely yours.

A Ranch Style modular home in Richmond, VA lets you have as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you want based on the needs of your family. You can actually start with just two as additional bedrooms can easily be built even if the modules have already been sitting permanently on your chosen residential lot. With modular home construction, it is much convenient to modify any feature of the house or even add another room when needed.

For more details on how to maximize your Ranch modular home living space, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Home Construction – Custom-Building Homes that are Precision-Engineered In and Out – Windsor, VA

Modular home construction in Windsor, VA is now computer-engineered in order to address your specific preferences while meeting all national, state, and local building standards. With hundreds of floor plans available such as the Cape Cod, you can get started even if you do not have a definite plan yet in mind. In fact, with the ability of the computer to generate unlimited variations of a selection of homes, the design of your dream home is only limited to your imagination.

As with traditional methods, it would take longer months to build a Cape Cod. But today, a Cape Cod style modular home can already be built in a modern controlled environment with the use of high quality materials and state-of-the-art building technique. As a result, you will have a precision-engineered interior and exterior in weeks, not months. Also, such home construction process yields to a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability in your comfortable and convenient home.

It would be wise of you to visit us before deciding to invest in a home that may take the better part of your career to pay for. To find out more about the basic idea of the technological advances in modular home construction, contact the expert builders of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Ranch Style Modular Homes – Spacious Single Story Homes with Many Amenities – Newport News, VA

Ranch style modular home in Newport News, VA are single-story homes with many amenities that make a house a home. Their floor plans are prominent of having a spacious living room to entertain your family and friends and a large kitchen that is designed with convenience in mind. Although this selection of homes is intended for sing-story living, you can simply build a second floor on the current level if more space will be needed.

The Ranch style floor plans can be customized based on your personal preference. You can have a foyer that opens into either a spacious living room or a dining room combo. You also have the option to choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want based on the needs of your family. The living room can be conveniently located at the heart of your home providing easy access to all areas of your Ranch modular home. You can also have a walk-in closet, optional car garage, or a separate utility room in order to encompass the remainder of the floor plan.

The available floor plans are just a starting point of what modular home construction can offer. You will be provided with many options to maximize your home’s living space. They are very helpful especially if you do not have initial plans yet of what are the features you really want to include in your dream home.

For more details about Ranch Style modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Home Construction has a Completely New Take in Custom Building Vacation Style Modular Homes - Virginia Beach, VA

Modular home construction has a completely new take on building homes to fit different lifestyles. With the use of the latest technology such as a computer aided design software, you will be able to design your own floor plan, or choose one from the available selection of homes that you can redesign from the bottom to the top, inside and out.

If you plan to build a family-friendly living space that will serve as your weekend getaway home or daily primary residence, you have the option to custom-build a Vacation style modular home in Virginia Beach, VA. This floor plan is prominent of having huge windows that let natural lighting to come inside while allowing you to conveniently see the wonderful view outside. You can even include a large porch in the floor plan, where you can relax, perhaps read books, while feeling the cool breeze and being a bit sunlit.

The Vacation style floor plan is a great choice if you want to custom-build a comfortable home that has a unique feel as if you are just on vacation. You will have a home that is built to be both beautiful and functional. Because the floor plan of this type of home is flexible, it can generally fit even specific settings such as mountains and seasides. You can even maximize a typically smaller lot size and make it the permanent site of your modular beach hut, cozy cabin, family cottage, mountain home, or retreat house.

To find out more about your options in modular home construction, contact the professionals of the Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Cottage Style Modular Homes - Custom-building Homes that are Truly One of A Kind - Hopewell, VA

Among the selection of homes available from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, the Cottage modular homes in Hopewell, VA have become some of our most popular choices for either single-living or small family households. They are an economical modular floor plan for many prospective homeowners because of their flexible features that can easily be modified to custom-build a safe and relaxing abode.

Like the other modular homes in Hopewell, the Cottage style homes are built with the desires and goals of the interested homebuyers above all else. You will be provided with design resources to assist you with the selection, planning, and customization processes. A Computer Aided Design software will be used in order to allow you to design a cottage modular home from the bottom up, whether you want to make a beach cottage, a mountain resort, or any vision you want to translate into a new custom home. Given several options for most features of a home, the standard specifications can be customized to make your home truly one of a kind. The final layout can be viewed by the homeowner before the construction process even begins thereby allowing for changes to be made if deemed necessary.

With modular home construction, you can start on the path of building and owning your dream home. There are yet other selection of homes to choose from aside from the Cottage style homes, so that you can really choose and customize a modular floor plan based on your basic requirements and personal preferences.

To find out more about your options, consult the expert builders of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes who are willing and able to make your dream home become a reality.

Cape Cod Modular Homes, on More than Being Symmetrical and Simplistic – Virginia Beach, VA

Modular home construction in Virginia Beach, VA can custom-build a home based on your specification thereby granting you one that has the design and the other details that fit right exactly to what you ever dreamed for a home would be. The standard specifications of the floor plan you choose helps you to get started with the planning and you can make modifications to make it uniquely yours.

The custom modular Cape Cod style homes you see in nearly every part of Marshfield are just an example of how flexible modular floor plans can be. This home style lends itself to having a wide array of options for customization especially on its exterior. You can usually see a Cape Cod home being accented with dormers on its steeply pitched roof but there are yet a lot of things you can add to it to make it look great on the outside and stand out from the rest. You can even have a stunning front porch like what you can see in The Creedmore style of Cape Cod. You also have the option to add a chimney linked to every room thereby adding more charm and convenience to your home.

In case you want more than just a symmetrical appearance and simplistic ornamentation, you always have the freedom to add more features to the standard specification of Cape Cod modular homes. You can also check our design gallery to have more ideas of what else you can add if you choose to build and live in a modular home.

To find out more about the modular home style floor plans you can choose from, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Home Construction – Customize and Optimize Your Bathroom Space and Storage – Windsor, VA

Modular home construction in Windsor, VA is known for giving interested homeowners a wide array of options to freely customize and optimize the floor plan of your choice. Such freedom covers even the simplest detail of the smallest room in your home, including those that you thought you cannot improve for a better space, style, and storage just like the bathroom. It is guaranteed that every part of it is built using only high quality materials that can make your bathroom standout.

The modular bathroom ideas help you in deciding the placement of elements in your bathroom so it does not appear too cramped. These ideas provide you with ideal alternatives that help you in determining the bathroom layout for your modular home. Today, there is a changing if not a growing concern among homeowners regarding bathroom storage and modular home construction never fails to addresses them all.

You can in fact get inspiration from our bathroom gallery. You can have a double vanity or a large mounted cabinet instead if in case you decide not to include bathtub. If you have a large family for example, you might want to separate the toilet from the shower or sink so that more than one person can use the bathroom at the same time.

To find out more about what other options you have in custom-building your modular home, consult the expert homebuilders of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Homes Interior Design Ideas Make Your Home have a Safe and Satisfying Indoor Space – Virginia Beach, VA

Ranch Style

The interior design of your modular home in Virginia Beach, VA is very important. You have to ensure that the interior is properly designed so it will be appreciated by anyone who enters your home for a visit. Given all these, most people put much consideration to it when building or renovating houses.

There are some houses in which the interior designs are done poorly like the indoor space is not optimally utilized, but this is not the case with modular homes. With modular home construction, you will be given a wide range of modular floor plans to choose from. All these are strategically planned so that whichever you choose, you are guaranteed that the indoor space is optimized.

The cabinets in every bedroom and the countertop at your kitchen can be customized based on your lifestyle and cleaning them would be easier as well. The faucets, lighting, and other fixture will be properly placed to ensure a safe and livable place. Your modular home can also be customized to allot an area for a fireplace that is much useful during rainy days or winter nights. The floor coverings, interior doors and trim may also be included to add value to your home. There are actually several modular homes interior design ideas that you can get inspiration from if you want to build a new home or modify an existing one.

A great interior design for your modular home can make it even more beautiful and functional. To find out more about it, contact the experts of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Home Construction Offers Various Options for Bathroom Customization – Smithfield, VA

A lot of modular bathroom ideas can be incorporated when building your modular home. The way your bathroom is built can have a great impact to the overall value of your home so it is just right that you take time in designing it based on your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Because the design of your bathroom can dictate its overall mood and energy in this part of the house, the modular home construction in Smithfield, VA offers various options for bathroom customization. With both style and storage in mind, your bathroom can have tiled floors, colored walls, oval windows, modern vanity, bath tub, walk-in shower, adorned cabinet, stainless faucet, embellished mirror and more.

In designing your bathroom, you can either start from scratch or get ideas from the bathroom gallery on how to utilize and maximize such space from. It is best to think of what your loved ones might look for in a bathroom so it would be easier for you to decide what ideas to go for in customizing it. Besides, what is practical for your family would probably be practical for future buyers in case you decide to sell your modular home, so it would be wise to go with what works for your personality and the preferences of your family.

If you are interested in browsing various bathroom galleries to find out more about the features and fixture that can be added to your bathroom for your modular home, contact the experts of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Kitchen Island: Custom-Built for Food Preparation and Additional Social Space – Hopewell, VA

Modular home construction in Hopewell, VA can build a home exactly to your specification thereby granting you one that has the design and other details which you have imagined of a dream home would be. In case there is something you want to change in the standard specifications of the floor plan you choose, you can always do that regardless of what modular floor plan you want to use.

More often than not, the kitchen of a modular home is the place where customization is widely being done. If you are fond of cooking, it would be better for you to have more space that can be allotted for the needed preparation space. If you require an additional space to prepare for food or if your family members like to stay in this part of your home, adding a kitchen island would be even more practical. While it serves as a focal point in your kitchen at an instant, the kitchen island also provides a visual separation if you choose an open floor plan.

The kitchen gallery of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes provides you with a multitude of options for customization. With a kitchen island custom-built in your kitchen, you can have additional social space where everyone can talk about random stuff over tasty, home-cooked food.

To find out more about custom-built modular homes, visit the Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

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