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The Cost Benefits of Modular Homes

Modular home construction has been around for some time, and more and more are fully appreciating the benefits and exploring the opportunities it has to offer.

Some of the pros include:

Reduced Site Labor and Lower Overall Costs

The same quality materials are used as with site-built construction, but since up to 80% of the building is built and inspected off-site, the amount of time required for completion is dramatically reduced. With modular home construction, less construction site time reduces waste, the chance of weather delays, and material damage. Fewer subcontractors on site reduce site supervision costs, as well as often overlooked costs such as waste removal. Reduction in construction time frames of 30%  to 50% are easily achievable.

Reduced Risk

Safety issues are significantly minimized with modular construction since the majority of the labor force works in a controlled environment, rather than on a traditional site. Even if the modular home is two or three stories, workers can work on the ground and then crane the module once completed. Beyond health and safety concerns, security risks related to theft are also reduced, cost overrun risks are minimized, as are insurance and other “hidden cost” liabilities.

With modular home construction there is still the ability to be creative and design floor plans that are customized.
In addition, to the reduced on-site waste and reduces costs during construction there is another advantage to modular construction. Through proven manufacturing processes, modular factories are able to construct tighter homes with less air infiltration. As a result, modular-built homes will typically outperform similar site built or traditionally built homes in energy efficiency.

Design Build Source

Modular Homes are Faster and Less Expensive to Build

Modular construction is not new. the individual modules, which are assembled once delivered, can be 90% complete when they are shipped from factory to building site, with walls, flooring, ceilings, stairs, and even finishes complete.

Typically, a two-story, 2,500-square-foot house can be constructed in a factory in a week.

Modular construction begins with the design process. When the floor plans are complete, they are sent to the state or municipality for review, to ensure that building-code requirements are met.

While stick-built homes take five to six months to build, modular homes can be completed in eight to 10 weeks on site. Many in the building industry believe that modular construction could reduce housing costs.

On average, it costs $128 a square foot to build a traditional house. The cost of construction in a city is $35 per square foot more than in the suburbs, studies show. So in the suburbs, the average cost of a stick built home is $160.

A study found that modular construction of a 16-foot-wide house in a city reduced square-foot costs by $32; for a 20-foot-wide house, the saving was $12 a square foot.

For information on a faster built, less expensive and custom designed new modular home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Excerpts from the study found in

Downsizing with Modular Construction Saves Money in all Areas

The housing market is heating up, but many people in Virginia are looking to downsize. The trend to downsizing has been spurred on for many reasons. Many are empty nesters, many are retirees, and many realize that it just costs too much to maintain a large home with space they don’t use.

Are you interested in downsizing? If so, downsizing should not be synonymous with compromising. Moving into a new home should always be a treat, and when you build your own new home it is. A new modular home is the perfect solution for those looking to downsize. You can remain in comfort with the space and amenities that you need and want, but you can still move into a smaller home.

With modular homes, the floor plans can be customized, so even if you are an empty nester and the kids old bedrooms were used as office  or storage space, you can incorporate that functionality into your modular floor plan just on a smaller, more economical scale.

If you are downsizing to save money on maintenance, utilities and taxes, modular homes also fit the bill. Modular construction is energy efficient construction. With energy star appliances, energy efficient windows, better insulation and efficient lighting you will pay less for the utilities in your home.
Most importantly, with a well built, well designed, brand new home, your new modular home will retain its resale value. When it comes time to sell, your home will retain its value. For more information on downsizing to a modular home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Home Market is Going Strongly

The housing slump of the past years has had some negative effects on many builders and contractors in home construction. But the effects were not as strong in the modular home construction industry.  As the housing market rebounds the modular home industry is going even more strongly. Why? Because modular homes are reliable, affordable and beautiful.

The market is rebounding and with that rebound is the increase in demand for new construction homes. But, with the change in the economy, home buyers are increasingly seeking alternatives to the costs of new construction. That alternative is modular homes. Modular home building is becoming more popular with homebuilders and homeowners.

Modular homes or factory built homes have structural, construction and cost benefits. Modular home construction is the solution for the home buyer who wants a newly built home that is affordable.  For homes with designs that are affordable and built in a fraction of the usual time contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Financing and Insuring Modular Homes is Easy

Many questions about concerns in financing modular homes, assessing modular homes and insuring modular homes come up in our conversations with people who are contemplating building.
Rest assured you will have no problems or issues. Many banks (and we have great relationships with many in Virginia if you would like the names of a few), like to finance modular homes. Why? The building process is so much shorter, and the system is so defined that there is little to no risk to the banks.

As far as assessing the value of modular homes; modular homes are assessed in the same way as traditionally built homes. Here is the good news: modular homes cost about 10-15% less to build, but they sell at the same price as a stick built home. Why? Custom modular homes are appraised with the same standards of a traditionally built home; therefore, both types of homes are assessed at the same amount.
Banks and insurance agencies both say there is no difference between stick-built homes and custom modular homes in terms of approval ratings, and cost.

Banks and insurers are well aware that modular home construction strength and building standards exceed that of traditional stick built homes.  There may even come a time where insurance companies take into consideration the higher structural integrity of a modular home and insure them at a lower rate.
However, until then, you can rest assured, modular home construction financing will not be a problem; modular homes hold their value in the same way as a traditionally built homes; and insuring your modular home will be no different either. Now that those questions have been put to rest, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for more information.

The Perfect Time to Build a Home is Now

It is true, interest rates are very low, there is no better time to buy a new home. But it is an even better time to build a new home. House hunting can be stressful and time consuming, why put yourself through it. Build the home that you are searching for instead. Modular construction can make this experience a pleasant one.

There are so many floor plans to choose from. But you can even customize your floor plan as well. Add your personal touch to any of the floor plans we offer. That is why we have the word “Custom” in your name. One of the best parts of building a modular home is the fact that you can custom build your entire home from the bottom upCustom modular homes are what we do! Need help visualizing? Take a look at our design gallery.
We know that buying and building your new home is the biggest investment of your life. Contact us for information.

Stress Free New Home Construction the Modular Way

If you are considering building a new home in the Virginia area, consider building a modular home. Not only is the experience worthwhile, watching your dream home come to fruition; but the cost effectiveness makes it worthwhile as well.

Often when buying a new home, many modifications and home improvement projects need to happen in order to make the home resemble the home you want. As you know this often takes years of “construction zone living” and it takes a lot of money.

Traditional new construction can take a year or more from start to finish. While many who have chosen this route are pleased with the product, the vast majority have not enjoyed the route.

Modular home construction is different altogether, it is far more stress free, and far more cost effective. From the beginning phases to “move-in condition” will take just a couple months. You can custom design your modular home. At the end of that process, the home is then built in a factory, no “construction zone living” for your family. Once completed, you can see your home assembled on your property in just a few days.

For stress-free new home construction with less hassle, less time and for less money, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Modular Homes are the Highest Quality

We regularly tell you that modular homes are made with the highest quality standards. They are. The modular construction process is a proven superior manufacturing process. Why? Quality Control process and Craftsman specialization.

Quality control begins before we get to your building lot. In the factory, where the modules are built, there are endless quality control processes. From how the wood is cut, to the supporting hardware we use to the paint used on the interior and exterior of your home. Everything we use to build your home must meet strictly defined quality codes.

Additionally, modular homes are built in a climate controlled factory and protected from the weather. This means that throughout the process, your materials stay dry and warm. This ensures against defects in the walls and ceilings later on.

The modular construction process also creates specialists. Each craftsman involved is a specialist in what they do because they perform limited and specific tasks.

It is no accident that modular homes are higher quality homes than their stick built counterparts. The homes built by Tidewater Custom Modular Homes give you a superior alternative to other homes. Contact us.

Modular Homes are Custom Homes

The name of our business is Tidewater Custom Modular Homes. Do you know why we included the word “Custom”? Because the homes we design and build for you are Custom Designed by you with the help of our designers and architects.

Often when people think modular homes, they think “cookie cutter homes”. This could not be farther from the truth for us. We have, on staff, architects and designers who work with you to design FOR you the home YOU need.

Do you need a laundry room upstairs with the bedrooms? Do you want a mud room designed for your school age kids? Want a home office with built in shelving? We can do that. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes is a Custom modular home construction company.

You are not locked into any architectural design. We have standard floor plans and floor models if you’d like. But if you have ideas or even designs that you want to use for your modular home because you know that modular means: faster, more efficient and less expensive with higher standards; let us see your plans.  

The professional satisfaction of building dream homes is what motivates us.  Dream homes start with a basic plan and are then customized to turn that plan into a dream for your family.  Contact us; we'll be glad to show you how we can surround that dream with the quality of a modular home.

Differences Between Modular Construction and Stick Built

What is the difference between Modular construction and stick built construction? In order to make an educated decision, you need to know the difference.  

Stick Built Home Construction:  These homes are built on-site, meaning they built from the ground up on your building lot. This is the traditional method of home construction, so these homes are often referred to as “traditionally built homes”.  This is any home construction that is completely built on site.

Modular Construction:  This is the latest, fastest growing and most advanced form of home construction. Parts of the home, the modules, are built in a factory, and then transported in pieces to the construction site. Modular homes ARE stick built homes, they are just built in a factory first. Modular homes usually contain at least 30% more building materials than traditionally built homes because they need to be sturdier for transportation. Modular home modules are also inspected by a third party before they leave the factory. Of course, the building materials are never exposed to the elements while being built.

For more information on modular homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes. Also feel free to watch this video on our website: "Why Modular".

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