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Modular Home Construction is Becoming More Popular

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Modular homes in New Kent, VA

Modular home construction is becoming more popular among interested, educated home buyers. There are multiple benefits to this home building process which is taking the construction industry by storm.

Modular homes in New Kent, VA are built with the individual homeowner’s unique requirements in mind. The floor plan is designed using a variety of customization options, modernizing the aesthetics with energy efficiency so that the entire house is a more functional and livable home. Homeowners can choose open spaces that maximize the use of natural light and the flow of indoor air, this in conjunction with energy efficient windows, walls and attic insulation, makes indoor temperature control easier to regulate in every season of the year.

After choosing the modular floor plan, which can be built as is, modified or created entire anew, the home is then built in sections which are called the modules. The prefabrication of these modules is done in a climate-controlled and highly secure facility, which prevents delays from weather, theft or contractors. During construction the modules regularly undergo quality checks before being delivered to the permanent building site for assembly. With this advanced building technology the modular home construction process is completed in a matter of weeks unlike traditional construction which can take months or even up to a year.

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Living Simply with The Craftsman Cottage II Modular Home

Tidewater Custom Modular The Craftsman Cottage II

Anything that traditional home building can build, modular construction can build too. Any home that can be stick built can also be built with modular home construction in Surry, VA. These modular floor plans can be conveniently customized to fit the specific wants and needs of the owners.

Modular construction is very popular today because of its amazing benefits and advantages. They exceed the aesthetic and economic goals through faster, and remarkable, stylishness and craftsmanship. Modular home floor plans are available for Ranch, Cape Cod, Traditional Two-Story, Craftsman Cottage, Vacation Style, Estate Homes, and Timberland Series style homes.

Among them all is the well-loved modular home style called the The Craftsman Cottage II. Like its stick-built counterpart, The Craftsman Cottage II modular house is known for its distinctive, well-designed, and natural elements. This single-story home offers a total of 1,278 square feet of living area with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms. It features low steep roof lines, exposed wooden structures, and hand-crafted woodwork. This simple home is perfect for prospective homeowners who are looking into living in a beautiful and simple entry-level home. The living room comes up at 20' 0" x 12' 10" with an optional fireplace. The 13' 2" x 7' x 6" kitchen and dining area makes a cozy place to prepare and enjoy meals at. The 13' 0" x 12' x 10" master suite comes with a private bath in it. This compact design of a modular craftsman cottage showcases the beauty of function and form when combined.

To find out more about the advantages of modular home construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

The Cozy and Casual Timberland I Ranch Style Modular Home

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes The Timberland I style modular home

Since the popularity of ranch style homes in the 1960s, many modifications have been made to update this classic home model. One of these are the fresh new Timberland Series modular floor plans which offer a new twist on traditional ranch style houses.

The Timberland I style modular home features the defining elements of the casual style of ranch homes. It is a long and wide one-story home that infuses the informal styles of the original American ranch home into the newer contemporary ranch home. The Timberland I is a single level home that showcases a long and low roof line, simple and rustic exteriors, and open and spacious floor plans. It offers a total 1,410 square feet of living area with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. With this simple but beautiful home, you will be greeted with an inviting open porch that is a very characteristic of a ranch home. The spacious living room is great for receiving and entertaining guests while the separate family room is dedicated as a cozy place for the family to relax in, or this can be made into a private dining room. The master's suite along with the other two bedrooms offers inviting spaces. The kitchen boasts its spaciousness with an adjoining utility room. Bathrooms are accessible to every room.

Through modular home construction in Virginia Beach, VA, building homes has become more simple and convenient for both contractors and homeowners alike. Beautiful homes can be completed in a shorter period of time with more savings in time, labor, and money.

To find out more about the advantages of modular home construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Vacation Style Modular Homes Let You Feel Like You Live in Paradise

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - The Bayboro vacation style modular home

Making home life feel like an endless vacation is possible with modular home construction. Modular homes are the perfect option for people who want to build a new home but don't want to spend a year doing it. Compared to stick-built homes, modular vacation style homes are built faster at a more affordable cost. Because they are built indoors, delays caused by weather and theft are avoided. All homes are built in a climate controlled environment so building materials are never exposed to external elements. The factory setting also means more consistent building techniques resulting to exceptional design and aesthetic appeal.

The Vacation style modular floor plans in Yorktown, VA offer a variety of home styles and designs that will give future homeowners their own paradise. They are easily customized based on the wants and needs of the homeowner. Unlike traditionally built homes, prospective owners can still customize their home yet move in faster.

One of the top-listed vacation style modular home is The Bayboro vacation style modular home. It is a striking three bedroom, two and one-half bath vacation home that offers a total of 1,997 square feet of living space. Like any dream vacation home, it brings the family closer to nature with the great view of the outdoors through its expansive glass panels surrounding the luxurious living room. As visually appealing as it is functional, The Bayboro showcases large spaces such as the vast dining area, pantry space in the kitchen, as well the large, family-friendly utility room. The private suites feature large spaces for every family member to enjoy the peace and quiet. The Bayboro could not get any more outstanding with its defining feature: the spectacular loft that is just perfect for letting in the sunshine or simply for a breath of fresh, cool air.

To find out more about modular vacation style homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

The Grand Ashton Estate Modular Home: A Combination of Class and Craftsmanship – Suffolk, VA

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - modular home construction in Suffolk, VA

The Estate modular floor plan is one of the most luxurious modular homes. Just like its traditional stick-built estate home, it is known for its modern adaptation of the classic and stately look of a grand mansion style home. This stunning home exquisitely provides visual appeal and portrays a lifestyle.

Modular home construction in Suffolk, VA can be chosen even when designing and building estate homes. Modular construction offers infinite styles and designs that will suit the impeccable taste of homeowners. Estate homes have finely detailed architecture, and modular construction makes it possible to achieve the aesthetic qualities of these elegant homes.

One of the top-listed estate modular homes at Tidewater Custom Modular Home is The Ashton Estate modular home. It is a large 3,384 square feet home that features an impressive exterior. This two-story home consists of three large bedrooms and two baths with an optional great room. Upon entering, the vastness of the first-floor living area showcases the spaciousness of this expansive home. The vast first floor measure 2,068 square feet with a 12' x 12' living room and 12' x 13' dining area. It also highlights a 14' x 12' kitchen that extends to a breakfast nook. The three large bedrooms value spaciousness with rooms that are 15' x 13', 10' x 10' and 9' x 9' respectively. The shared bathroom measures 9’ x 9. A separate area is dedicated as a family room, and the second floor which measures 1,316 square feet can be fully utilized as a great room.

To find out more about modular home construction for estate style homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Ranch Style Modular Home: Simple Yet Beautiful – Windsor, VA

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes - Ranch style modular home in Windsor, VA

With the fast-growing popularity of custom modular homes, modular home construction has been showing more homeowners the benefits and advantages of choosing this innovative alternative. It has also caught the interest of contractors and homeowners alike, which is no surprise. Despite using advanced construction technology, it is also a less expensive way to build a home without leaving craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities behind.

The ranch style modular homes in Windsor, VA showcase the great beauty and style that modular home construction has to offer. In modular construction, materials are safely housed in a factory-like setting. In this highly restrictive environment, materials are protected from decay, deterioration, or theft. Weather does not pose a threat to the building materials. As a result modular construction is cost-effective. As a result, custom modular home construction is more economical compared to traditional or on-site construction, both in time and money.

Ranch style floor plans are one of the most well-loved custom modular homes. Just like its traditionally constructed ranch homes, the distinctive characteristic of a ranch is its one-story floor plan and minimalist exterior. The big difference between modular ranches and those that are traditionally built lies in the fact that Ranch style modular homes can easily be altered or modified. For more information on modular ranch style homes, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Building Dream Homes with Modular Home Construction – Smithfield, VA

Today, advancements in technology has enabled home construction to adjust and conform to the newest trend in home-building. One of the most popular is modular home construction. This is a type of off-site construction where homes are produced in controlled environments, transported, and then assembled by builders at the chosen permanent site. This innovative style of home construction allows contractors to open up vast possibilities in home-building and for designers to create modular floor plans that use the combination of modern aesthetic and contemporary craftsmanship.

It is no wonder why both contractors and home owners are turning to modular home construction. Unlike traditional on-site home-building, modular home construction offers a better solution in terms of cost, time, and style. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes provides modular home construction that offers a lot of advantages.

The modular homes in Smithfield, VA are highly economical. There far less waste of materials because they are stored indoors where damage from weather and theft is reduced. Next, they also have a faster completion time. Without weather, materials, and contractor delays, modular homes are ready for occupancy in as fast as 2-3 months after the design stage is complete. As compared to traditional construction, it can take up to 1 year and often more for a family to occupy a traditionally built home. Lastly, modular homes are undeniably aesthetically pleasing. Since modular home construction is rooted on contemporary home building, they incorporate all types of floor plans. They are stylish, custom-made, and highly personalized which makes it easy and fast for making any dream home a reality.

To find out more about the advantages of modular home construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

The Poplar Craftsman Cottage Style Modular Home for The Modern Family – Smithfield, VA

Today's technology has allowed even the home construction process to improve and be more efficient and economical while still maintaining high quality. It has also allowed for more advanced and innovative designs. One of these improvements has been in modular home construction, a type of off-site construction where homes are constructed in controlled environments and assembled by the builder on the permanent site. Modular home construction still allows designers to create any style home and provides vast possibilities in creating floor plans. For instance, the Craftsman Cottage modular floor plan features simple and natural elements. Its identifying characteristic are the open porches and low-pitched roofs, usually with overhanging beams and rafters.

Modular home construction in Smithfield, VA can also create many other home variations including traditional two-story homes, ranch style homes, Cape Code, vacation homes, large estate homes, timberland, and the craftsman cottage. This large selection of modular floor plans allows home owners to work with contractors and designers to make their dream home a reality. And with modular construction, new interior design methods can be used to make your home unique.

One of the most popular modular homes with the benefit of contemporary craftsmanship of modular construction is the The Poplar  Craftsman Cottage style modular home. Just like its classic bungalow style variant, this modular home features a cozy 1,207 square feet living area with three bedrooms and two baths. With a modest covered front porch that welcomes residents and guests it also has a 14’0”-12’-5” living room. The highlight of The Poplar floor plan is its magnificent kitchen and dining room which is 18’-1” x 12’-5”. A utility room has been added as well. To complete the design of this home are the bedrooms and baths. The largest bedroom (12’-9” x 12’-5”) has a master bathroom. The two other bedrooms (9’-11” X 10’-1” and 11’-0” x 12’-15”) the one of the other two bathrooms.

To find out more about the features of The Poplar Craftsman Cottage style modular home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Feel Like You are on Vacation in this Modular Home

Tidewater Modular Homes - Vacation style modular home in Hampton Roads VA

Wouldn't it be nice to stay at home and feel like you are on vacation everyday? This is possible through modular home construction. This advanced building technology allows homeowners to custom-build a vacation style modular home based on your personal preferences and needs.

What is a Vacation Style Moduler Home?

The vacation style modular homes in Hampton Roads, VA can be customized to the taste of the homeowner. With all the options available, homeowners can decide on the features in their chosen floor plan in order to make a home that they can call uniquely theirs.

Meet the Beach Break Vacation Style Modular Home

Whether you live by the beach or not, there is a vacation style floor plan that can make you feel like you do. The Beach Break is a 2,283 sq. ft. two-story home with five bedrooms and 3.5 baths, with a large room on the main floor. It is big enough to fit large families or extended families. The Beach Break vacation style floor plan is the epitome of how two-story living can be improved by modular construction.

The balcony and windows on the Beach Break give character to its exterior. It is like a welcome treat to anyone who visits before they enter the foyer that opens to a large living room. One can see that the Beach Break vacation style home is designed to welcome guests who can stay in the living room and gain access to the kitchen and dining space. The living room is quite large making the perfect place for gathering especially during summer vacation or holiday break.

To find out more about vacation style floor plans, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

The Creedmore Cape Cod Modular Home is a Thing of Beauty – Williamsburg, VA

Tidewater Modular Homes - Ranch style modular home in Yorktown, VA

The Cape Cod style home has been popular for years because of the numerous benefits it offers to a wide range of homeowners. This is why it remains one of the most commonly chosen home styles especially for homeowners who are looking for classic New England appeal in a modern home. This also explains why the Cape Cod is regularly being improved upon and commonly built via modular home construction in Williamsburg, VA.

Symmetry defines the design of the Cape Cod home, from the sloped roof, windows, doors, door hangers, shingles, and more. Actually, the sloping roof also prevents snow build-up which is one of the facets that makes them popular in cold climates as well. However, However, modular construction has effective means of improving its design to make The Cape Cod home more appealing even to those homeowners living in other areas.

Take a look at The Creedmore Cape Cod style floor plan for example. It offers the pitched roof as well as an optional three-dormer design and stunning front porch. The dormer at the center aligns with the front door. The other two dormers align with the two front windows on either side. This modern design of a traditional home style can appeal to more homeowners especially those who put value on the exterior features and aesthetic appeal of their home.

This 2,300 sq. ft. Cape Cod house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms that are strategically located to maximize space and home living experience. Modular home construction offers a wide array of options for customization so that homeowners can custom-build The Creedmore Cape Cod style home. With modular construction, new owners can call the home uniquely theirs because it can be built with their specific requirements and preferences in mind.

To find out more about Cape Cod style modular floor plans, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

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