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Act Now to Receive $1000 in Modular Home Upgrades (Offer Ends January 15, 2012)

Happy new year in advance from all of us at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes!  We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday break.

We want to take this opportunity to remind all of you that our offer to customize your new modular home with $1,000 towards options and/or upgrades remains in effect through January 15, 2012. This offer applies to any and all of our modular home designs to include ranch style modular homes, cape code style modular homes, two-story modular homes, estate modular homes, and all others.

We also want to remind you that when you visit our manufacturer (Henderson, NC) and take a tour of their plant, not only will you then know the distinct advantages of modular home construction, you earn an instant $1000 rebate on the purchase of your new home.

In addition, we never forget our military veterans, both present and past.  Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country.

Again, Happy New Year, best wishes, and our sincere thanks to you all. 

Winter Is the Perfect Time to Plan Your New Modular Home Build-Out

It’s cold and rainy here in Tidewater Virginia. Not the best time to plan for your vacation or dream estate home, right?  Not so fast my friend.  When could possibly be a better time to plan for the future than when locked inside during the cold winter months?

Your  dream "cottage Home" or "vacation style dream home” will not fully fulfill your dream without significant planning.  So take your winter months to “dream and scheme” and put your thoughts down on paper.  Your friends at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes are award winning modular home builders because we embrace and are rewarded by supporting you in every stage of the process, and that includes the planning stage.  

Whether you’re in the “Where do we start” phase or deep into final planning, know that our years of experience will add value and reward to your dream modular home

Happy planning, Happy Holidays, and we hope to talk to you soon.  

Modular Homes vs. Mobile Homes vs. Site Built Homes

Today's "mobile homes" are called "manufactured homes," by housing experts. Manufactured homes are built to HUD, or U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development standards. Modular Homes are built to state and local building codes with high standards and very consistent quality controls.

Modular homes and manufactured homes are all built in factories under controlled environments. There is no moisture, wind or hot sun to interfere with the building schedule or to damage materials. Construction methods and materials vary, and modular homes can be customized to meet energy efficiency, accessibility and lifestyle needs.

Modular homes, prefabricated homes or factory-built homes are pretty much the same as ones built on site. Whatever can be done design wise on a site built home can be done in a modular home. Modular floor plans can be custom designed to meet your needs. It can certainly be argued that Modular homes are built to higher standards and better specifications.

Daily Press

Modular Homes Building Tips

Modular homes are all built in factories under controlled environments. Therefore, there are no weather issues to interfere with the building schedule or to damage building materials. Modular home floor plans can be customized in many respects to meet energy efficiency, accessibility and lifestyle needs.

Modular homes (or factory-built homes) are pretty much the same as ones built on site.

Modular home building tips

  • When you begin your research, know the difference between modular homes and mobile homes. Today's "mobile homes" are called "manufactured homes.”Modular homes" are built to state and local building codes.
  • Figure out if you want a custom modular home or if you can buy "off the rack" and use a factory standard.
  • Visit some modular home factories and learn about the construction and the quality controls.
  • Do your planning, Then do it again. You can't change later.
  • Better Homes and Gardens-Home Designer Suite software is great for planning — and inexpensive at $60.
  • Visit you modular home under construction at the factory
  • Set a realistic timetable tied to the payment schedule.
  • Shop around; there are many deals but, most importantly, be sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Get a builder that is familiar with your building jurisdiction because you still have local code issues.

Daily Press

Modular Homes can be Upscale and Custom designed and an Affordable Price

Homes built as boxes in factories and assembled on site never subjected to construction delays or bad weather problems.

When Jack and Gina Sheehan wanted to demolish and replace their 1952 built waterfront home in York County, they didn't choose the custom-built route.  Instead, they went with a modular home.

"I did a lot of research online, looking at modular homes, the pros and cons, and visiting a couple of factories in Virginia and North Carolina," says Sheehan, a retired aeronautical engineer who is now a business development consultant.

"When you look at the construction methods, you found out the basic factories are all about the same. The difference is what is put into the engineering and quality controls."

By Thanksgiving, the Sheehans hope to have moved into their three-story house with 2,700 square feet of modular-built living space on two floors. They hired John Glover of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes in Smithfield to oversee the construction site. The first level is a custom-built, above-ground basement with garage space and full bath designed by local architect Mike Henry.

Accustomed to damaging storms, the Sheehans are also building their home to withstand 130 mile-an-hour winds; any flooding will be limited to the garage level. Instead of the standard 2-by-6 framing studs, basement walls are done with 2-by-8s, placed closer together, or on 12-inch centers instead of 24-inch centers. Bolts, larger-than-usual hurricane clips and threaded rods that go into the concrete footers help tie the house and foundation together. To access the second- and third-floor modular spaces, the Sheehans installed an elevator.

"The brick mason set the cinder blocks so the rods run through the cavities into the footers," says Jack.

"There's more strength in the first floor of this house than in most whole homes.

"We were lucky, we had earthquake and hurricane tests the same week and the house never even moved."

For home amenities, the house offers quartz counters, hardwood floors, gas fireplace, ceramic tile floors in baths with floor heater strips, tankless hot water heater, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and 50-year architectural shingles. Elevated front and rear screened porches offer scenic views.

Price to build the entire house: $110 per square foot.

That's considerably lower than many custom homes which usually start about $125 per square foot and can easily reach $200 per square foot.

"All areas vary," says Glover. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Virginia Military Institute, has been refurbishing and remodeling homes since 1998 and has been in new residential and commercial construction since 2003.

"In our area, we find that there is typically a 10-20% savings versus comparable site-built construction. This savings can vary from plan to plan. We have a 3,000 square plan we provide turnkey, excluding site activities like well, septic, clearing, driveway to our published standards for $77 per square foot."

Glover and his wife Tammy, an interior decorator and real estate agent, live in a modular home they built in 2004. Since that time, they have built more than 50 modular homes from Virginia Beach to Richmond.

"Modular homes contain 30% more material because they are built as individual boxes. When the boxes come together, they create interior walls of 2-by-8s versus standard 2-by-4s and add extra insulation qualities.

"Construction is quicker, meaning you move in faster, and you eliminate any exposure to weather or moisture problems in the process.

"Nowadays we can virtually design the modular home on the spot, whether we modify a standard plan, or start from scratch. You can build totally modular or partially modular and customize the rest, it's your choice," Glover adds.

Modular, by definition, is a green and energy-saving form of construction when compared to typical stick-built, according to Dan Goodin of Nationwide Homes. The company built modulars for the Extreme Makeover house in Virginia Beach earlier this year.

"Every home we build comes out of the factory both EnergyStar and green 'ready' (some simple on-site items and certification are required for full compliance)," says Goodin.

"We build to meet the wind speeds necessary where the home will be placed, and can build up to 175-mph wind speed requirements for coastal construction.

"Modular offers the same features as stick-built. We partner with the same brands — Merillat cabinets, Pella windows and Whirlpool appliances, so when a customer selects features to put in their home, they can use the same menu as used in stick-built counterparts."

"Our modular homes are bolted, nailed and screwed, built to code for each city or county and made to travel down the road without any damage. Modular homes are the future of home construction in this country."

Original article- The Daily Press

Tidewater Custom Modular Home Free New Home Upgrade Offers Good Through January 15, 2012

The award winning leader for custom modular homes in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina extend multiple offers and reminders to maximize the value of your new custom modular home

Our offer to customize your new modular home (like any of our cottage modular home designs)  with up to $1,500 towards options and/or upgrades remains in effect. Place an order prior to December 15 and receive a $1,500 credit towards options or upgrades.  Place an order after  December 15 but before January 15, 2012 and receive $1,000 in upgrades!

We never forget our military veterans, both present and past.  Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country.

The calendar year 2011 was rough on our service area: storms, tornadoes, wildfires. Families rebuilding due to natural disasters or fires will receive a $2,000 rebate on their new Modular Home. 

We invite you to contact us and discuss all the reasons that custom modular home construction offers the single best value in new home construction.   Of course, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any/all of the promotions discussed above that will add to your already extraordinary new home buying experience. 

Modular Home Special to Thank Our Vets in Virginia

Next week is Thanksgiving and last week was Veterans Day, and at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes we are always giving thanks to our nations vets. That’s why we have a regular and continuous special for veterans who want to build a new, custom modular home.

Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country. Present your military ID when you order your new Modular Home.

What do we mean by options and upgrades? Every custom designed modular home is built specifically for you and your family’s needs. Not just the floor plan, but the amenities and the details. Add hardwood floors, crown molding, or a stone fireplace. Maybe you want a deck, or perhaps quartz counters and a bay window. Do you want recessed lighting and a wine rack in the kitchen? We have options when it comes to our modular home floor plans and in our modular designs.

Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for information on our designs our military discount. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Veterans in the Tidewater Virginia area.

Financing and Building a Modular Home

When you build your own home, there is a significant difference in the financing as compared to buying an existing home.

When you buy an existing home you pay in full before you take possession of the home.

When you build a home, in this case a modular home, you are given money incrementally by the lender as the home is built. You make periodic payments on that amount as work is completed. This process protects you and your lender if something stops the builder from completing the home. It also protects the builder if something prevents you from being able to pay.

When you use a lender to build a modular home, you get a "construction loan”. Construction loans are short-term loans that range from a four- to twelve-month duration. You make a series of payments as the home is completed.

After your new modular home is built, the building inspector issues you a certificate of occupancy, the lender then pays off the construction loan and issues you a traditional mortgage. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes has relationships in the banking and mortgage industry. Contact us if you want more information on the building and financing process.

Many Reasons to Choose Modular Home Construction in Virginia

Modular home construction is a fast and efficient way to build yourself a new home. A new home that is high quality and custom designed. There are many benefits to choosing modular construction, namely: design flexibility, a firm budget, the speed of construction and energy efficiency.

Home owners often think that modular home floor plans or designs cannot be modified. However, you can modify or upgrade your modular home design. Roof elevation, floor plans, square feet or number of windows; you name it and you can change or enhance it. The cost effectiveness of modular home construction allows for more customization with the same budget.
And as we approach Veterans Day, we would like to remind all veterans about our Military Appreciation discount.

Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country. Present your military ID when you order your new Modular Home.  Contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes for details.

Build a Green Home by Building a Modular Home

Owning a green home doesn’t mean you have to build a stick built home, there are actually fast and economical ways to live in an energy efficient home: Modular Homes.

“Going Green” has gotten a lot easier these days. There are so many options and different routes you can take. If you are moving or building a new home, a modular home is an efficient, cost effective and green choice.
But they are not just green homes, modular home floor plans can be custom built, you can add designs details that fit different budgets and aesthetic tastes.

Prefab homes
Buying a prefabricated home is for people who want something completely new and don’t want to wait for it.

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes builds modular homes. The modules are manufactured elsewhere and shipped to and then assembled on the owner’s lot.

Tidewater Modular Homes uses the latest technology to create unique building methods. We combine skilled craftsmanship with continuous, multi-layered quality-assurance inspections to ensure delivery of homes with no imperfections. It’s our constant pledge to give both buyers and builders a faster, better quality, more economical and just plain better alternative in home construction.

Contact us for more information on our Energy Star rated homes.

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