Build an Energy Efficient Home

“If you’re going to build a house, why not build it as intelligently as possible.”

Prefabricated homes are inherently energy-efficient, and are manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily assembled, and comprise a combination of panelized and modular building systems.

Incorporating a vast variety of both green and energy-efficient methods of construction, modular construction is a comprehensive way to creating healthier living conditions and saving money while allowing homeowners to “preserve our natural resources for future generations.”

A perfect solution to the challenge of energy bills and energy consumption is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

Today, modular home technologies have evolved and there are many options available for the construction of energy-independent homes and other buildings. With the heavy cost we pay for energy, environmentally, politically and financially, the hope is to embrace the new and reduced cost of natural energy.

Modular homes can be built today with reduced energy use, healthy products and more sustainable materials.

Modular home builders have varying incomes and style preferences, so it is important to see all the options. Even those with no knowledge of prefabricated home can understand the concept and its benefits.

Considering that nearly 40% of energy in the United States is used to heat and cool homes, getting “almost off the grid,” or requiring minimal energy from utility companies, is crucial.

The goal is to construct homes that not only create their own energy but give some back during off-peak times, when energy is least being used.

The small added cost of installing energy-saving systems is quickly recouped in the first few years of operating the modular home. Moreover, when homeowners eventually decide to sell their energy-efficient home, the low utility records will allow them to put a higher price on it, thus profiting further.

Most modular homes contain a wide assortment of green and energy-efficient aspects.

The benefits of building modular homes are nearly endless. Who doesn’t want to do something more environmentally good? There’s no downside to building healthier and more efficiently.

For more information on energy efficient modular construction, contact Tidewater Homes.

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