Modular Homes, Prefab Homes, Manufactured Homes - What's the Difference?

In the building industry, "prefab" is short for "pre-fabricated" homes and this means homes that are built offsite, either whole or in parts. The buildings are then assembled at the final building site. — Prefabs break down into four categories:

Modular homes: These homes are built in modules in an indoor factory, then delivered and assembled onsite. They must conform to local and state building codes for that particular site. These homes can be custom designed or one can order already designed modular floor plans. Modular homes are very similar to site built homes and can be as humble or as grand as the homeowner would like. Modular homes offer multiple design and options.

Panelized homes: These are modular homes made of premade wall panels and pieces that are assembled onsite. Because there are more pieces, more time and effort are required for assembly.

Pre-cut homes: With a "house in a box" concept, these kits can be assembled by do-it-yourselfers or local construction crews. Log-home kits are a popular example.

Manufactured homes: This is the group commonly called "mobile homes." Constructed almost entirely in a factory, the finished unit is placed on a steel chassis and towed to the building site. By law, the chassis stays in place after delivery. These homes are built under special federal guidelines. Some communities do not permit manufactured homes.

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