Modular Homes are Gaining in Popularity in VA

If you are considering building a new home, consider building a modular home. Save time building, save money building and save on energy bills after you move in.

The construction of modular homes can provide homebuyers with considerable cost and time savings, and a superior home. Today, with heating and cooling prices on the rise, modular homes are more popular than ever; and they can be 65% more efficient than an average new construction home.

With modular construction there are fewer on-site construction days, which can get families into their new homes faster.  Families do not need to be displaced from school, church and neighbors for long periods.

Did you know that when the modular home arrives on-site, it is 80% complete.  From the end of the design phase until you move in takes only 2-3 months! Once construction of the modular begins in the factory, a modular home can be completed and ready to move into in a month or two.  

Construction cost savings is another reason modular homes are becoming increasingly more popular. On average, modular homes are 15% more affordable than a traditional new construction, depending on the added amenities an design details. When comparing costs, buyers need to be sure they are comparing apples to apples. But, there is always a time savings and time is money when building a new home.  

The construction of a modular home is quicker and it’s better built. The outside walls are thicker, there is better insulation, and it’s more efficient to heat and cool.

Homeowners can choose between Colonials, Ranches, Capes and vacation homes. And modular houses are more customizable than ever before which is another reason more and more people are choosing modular homes.

For more information on modular construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

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