Modular Homes Have Quicker Construction Times and Cost Less

Modular homes make up a growing segment of the housing market. They are homes that are manufactured in sections in a factory and hauled by truck to the construction site, where they are assembled. Compared to traditional stick-built homes, or those built on-site, modular builders say their product costs less, takes less time to construct and has a reputation for sturdiness.

Those who had new homes built with modular construction say they liked the faster turnaround time and quality.

Modular homes are custom homes, meaning that the homes are designed according to the owner’s style choices. They can be up to three stories high.

A typical three-story house is delivered on special carriers in six sections, and each section is hoisted into place with a crane.

Modular homes have a faster turnaround time than site building, typically three to four months compared to about seven for on-site construction. When delivered, they are about 85% complete. The crews set the units using a crane, attach the sections, connect utilities, lay carpet and flooring, and add exterior siding and roofing, which are delivered with the home, to the areas where the units are joined.

Modular homes appreciate in value and are treated the same as traditional houses by banks and insurance companies.

“We look at a modular house as exactly the same as a site-built house for lending purposes,” said Michael White, senior vice president of residential mortgages. “We think of them as stick-built off-site.”

Steve Rizzo, an independent insurance adjuster, said in his experience, modular homes are issued a typical homeowner’s policy for replacement value.

That’s because they’re well-built.

“For most building codes, the houses would be considered overbuilt,” Templin said. “Could you ever imagine a site-built house being able to withstand being lifted by a crane?”

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