Modular Homes Are Changing Their Old Reputation

Modular homes are changing their reputation, as climate-controlled home-building factories increasingly cater to high-end home buyers and investors with customized, amenity-filled homes.

Real estate agents are coming across more and more modular homes being built and put on the market, a sign that homeowners and homebuilders are seeing these homes as luxurious and just as sturdy as traditional homes built on site.

When they show these high-end homes, people don't know they are modular. Interest in modular construction is growing because there is a strong market for new homes with more amenities. Modular homes are really about customization and giving the client what they want.

Modular home construction is getting away from the old-school way of sitting down with a catalog and picking a house. Now you can build anything you want.

Another advantage of modular construction is that while prospective buyers can dicker with traditional contractors or home sellers, pricing on modular homes is less flexible. Once a price is quoted, it's set.

Modular homes also save on labor costs because builders can buy products in bulk rather than for specific projects and can avoid extreme weather that can delay construction.

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Excerpts - Post Gazette

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