Modular Homes are More Energy Efficient Homes

Energy-efficient modular homes can save consumers $4.6 billion in energy costs over the next 20 years according to a new study released today. The study highlights the economic benefits of energy savings for the 17 million people living in modular homes across the country.

In modular homes, energy efficiency not only cuts energy waste, but it can also dramatically improve the modular homeowners’ economic stability. Energy efficiency can alleviate onerous utility bills, particularly among those living in extreme climates.

"We found that energy costs are salient for residents of modular homes especially retirees living on fixed incomes. For these residents, energy savings yield immediately tangible benefits by freeing up cash for other uses," said ACEEE Buildings Program Director Jennifer Amann.

In the manufactured housing industry, it was found that "By using building techniques like higher insulation values, energy-efficient windows, and improved duct sealing, we can build modular homes with energy performance exceeding that of site-built homes. We found that high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, lighting, and appliances can save substantial amounts of energy as well."

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Excerpts from ProudGreenHome

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