Rights and Responsibilities of Custom-built Modular Homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA

Custom-built modular homes are now gaining popularity in Virginia Beach, VA. But it is important that the obligations of both modular homeowners and local home builders must be discussed precisely. So that when anything goes wrong during, or even after, construction, the problem could be easily dealt with accordingly.

The warranties pertaining to modular homes are dictated by the nature of the claim, including who asserts it and to whom it is asserted against. It must be clear between the owner and the builder that no other provisions shall apply to claims with respect to custom-built modular homes construction other than those specified by the New Home Warranty Act in Virginia.

Modular home builders include those involved in the process of manufacturing, fabricating and assembling the house to the chosen residential site. It is a good practice for modular homeowners to keep themselves familiar with the main man behind those processes. Breach of contract and breach of expressed warranties may apply depending entirely on the content in the contract and warranties. So make sure to take hold of pertinent legal documents on every undertaking relative to building your new modular home as it may also act as reference in the future.

Modular homeowners should know both their rights and responsibilities. It is also necessary to determine whether you purchased a contract of sale or contract to build as each has different elements and therefore has different ways to solve legal issues. This is as important as distinguishing whether what you are purchasing is a modular home or a mobile house.

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