Tidewater Custom Modular Home's Most Frequently Asked Questions

We pulsed the entire TC Modular Home staff and compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope serves you well.  We invite all of you to call and discuss these questions (or any other question) in greater detail. 

Does TC Modular Homes provide financing?

No, however, we have established respect with mortgage brokers/lenders throughout Hampton Roads.  We expect to lend our experience and leverage our contacts in the support of every client.

Do we have to choose a design from the catalog or can we design a custom home?

We customize every home to meet the individual homeowner’s wants and needs. We start building plans from your ideas and iron out the details.  You can always choose one of our pre-designed model homes.

So, are we allowed to make changes to a model from your catalog?

Of course.  We expect you to modify building plans.  We WILL build a product that exactly suits your personal preference and lifestyle.

Can we choose a particular brand of windows, appliances, etc., or are we limited to which materials we can use for our home?

Once again, YES!  In fact our website dedicates entire pages to various design galleries for the interior, exterior, kitchen, bathroom, and more.  You choose the brand names for the materials used in the construction of your new home!

Does TC Modular provide building lots?

No, but did we mention the extent of our professional network.  That network includes the leading Real Estate agents throughout Hampton Roads and beyond who broker land sales.

Do modular homes cost less than a conventional stick built home?

On average, modular homes cost 10-15% less than a stick built home. We customize all modular homes to fit your needs.  The degree of savings is affected by the degree of customization.

How much does it cost per square foot to build a TC Modular home?

In general, the cost ranges from $90 per foot to $175 per foot, not including the price you pay for your land.  Many variables determine the final cost. The style of the home, the type and manufacturer of the windows, doors, appliances, and interior finishes all will affect the price of your new home. We will help fit you into the home that best fits your budget.

Could we do some of the work on our home as well?

This should always be decided prior to contracting.  Would you like to do your own painting? Landscaping? Or have a turn-key completed home? Yes, these options are available to you!

What is the resale value of a Modular Home?

The Modular Home's resell value is at or above the comparable stick built home.  They are stronger and less expensive to maintain.  Real estate appraisers understand this and it reflects in their appraisal models.  

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