Higher Quality is the Main Advantage of Modular Construction

Many homebuyers assume that the primary advantage of modular homes is lower home prices. However, that is the third most important reason for building a modular home. Faster construction time is the second, and superior quality is the first.

The construction applications that strengthen a modular home include:

  • The window and door casings are reinforced with metal splines in the corners
  • Drywall is bonded to the wall studs and the ceiling joists with super adhesive
  • Larger sheets of drywall are used on the walls and ceilings
  • The first-story ceiling and second-story floor systems are separate on two-story homes
  • Floor sheathing is both glued and nailed
  • The basement ceiling is flush with the main carrying beam built into the floor system
  • Double or triple perimeter joists are used at the marriage walls (marriage walls are where wall meet)
  • The modules are joined together at the marriage wall with bolts in the basement and attic
  • Corners of the perimeter floor joists are also strapped
Also, modular construction has standard practices, such as sealing air penetrations around electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. This makes a modular home more energy efficient than a typical stick-built home.

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