Tidewater Modular Homes Are Only of Superior Quality

The Custom Modular Home construction process is a proven superior manufacturing process as compared to traditional stick-built construction. There are many reasons. This blog post will focus on two specific reasons: 1) Quality Control process and 2) Craftsman specialization.

Regarding our quality control process, it begins before we step foot on the lot. There are endless quality control gates that govern the prefabrication process back at the factory. The quality control checks span every possible angle from quality of cut of wood, every supporting piece of hardware, to the quality interior and exterior paint. Every single element of building material must meet strictly defined quality codes.

One very important (but often overlooked) benefit of modular construction is the fact that modular home materials are built in a climate controlled factory and protected from weather. This means that the framing members remain dry before and most often throughout the entire construction process. Keeping lumber dry in the construction process is a major means of insuring against future defects in walls and ceilings.

Regarding Craftsman specialization within the modular home industry, modular home builders develop truly focused specialists in every process. The skilled workers assembling the home each perform limited, specific tasks. Because a certain worker will only perform one (or few) specific functions, he/she is essentially a focused specialist in their profession. The multitasking nature of the stick builder undoubtedly means they conduct tasks with less than complete subject matter expertise.

Excellence is no accident. The exacting nature of Tidewater Custom Modular Home's product provides a superior alternative to stick built homes.

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