TC Modular Home’s Proud Record of Constant Quality Improvement

Hello everyone.  We’re taking a reflective pause here in this blog to summarize our recent reflection about our business.  We took pause to consider just who we are and where we’ve come from.  We opened our doors in 2003 and we reflected upon the truly inspiring march forward that both  we and our suppliers have taken in terms of quality product and services.  Now don’t take this as a self-promoting four  paragraph sermon.  What follows is a brief description of how, over the years, our passion for excellence only grows.   If you don’t see passion in the eyes of anyone you do business with, well, our advice is to seek some other service provider.
Our humble and honest self-assessment is that since 2003, we have constantly improved in every measure of quality and customer improvement.  Prior to 2003, we took several years prior to starting the company in research of the modular construction industry and the local market.  We wanted to find out everything we could and to guarantee that we teamed with the highest quality product manufacturers.  History has proven our research paid off because quite simply, our primary supplier (HandCrafted Homes) has no equal.  We are proud to be affiliated with such a respected company and for us to be an “Award Winning” reseller of their products.
So why not trust your future dream home construction to a passionate, award-winning builder of industry leading products?  We qualified as an “environmentally friendly” business as evidenced by our award of the “Energy Star” certification discussed on a prior blog post.  These (and other) measures all serve only to drive a continued passion for excellence.  
So this Monday morning, we begin the week invigorated.  We value and thank our clients (past, present, and future) for contributing to a truly rewarding business.  We share this information with you so that you know that the passion to build Tidewater Virginia’s most quality built homes is stronger than ever.  More than ever, we want to hear from you....send us a quick note with your comments and questions.

End of blog post….Now gladly……Back to work for you! 

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