Pros of Modular Homes

The modular home industry has grown as more and more home buyers understand the benefits of modular home construction. As smart home buyers do research they understand the advantages of modular construction.

Pro: Controlled Manufacturing Environment

When a home is built on site, it’s exposed to the elements during all of the construction, and the building materials used to create it are also stored outside. This can expose an on-site built home to moisture, and may cause construction delays during patches of inclement weather. Built and stored indoors modular homes don’t face these issues.

Pro: Building Cost

Although costs vary by builder and the distance homes must be transported before installing them on land, because of the controlled building conditions, factory built homes is usually less expensive than a similarly sized on-site built home. Buyers can expect to save about 20% on costs.

Pro: Construction Advantages

Modular homes must be constructed solidly enough to withstand transportation, and manufacturers typically build them to be more sturdy than a similar, site-built home. Modular homes are often built using jigs and other tools unavailable to workers in the field, increasing their quality, and feature additional structural improvements, such as using lag bolts instead of nails and reinforcement straps, many on-site builders skip.

For more information on modular construction, contact Tidewater Modular Homes.

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