Modular Homes are Totally Different from Mobile Homes

If you are considering building a home, you may be considering modular construction. But modular homes are not to be confused with manufactured or mobile homes. These are two very different animals. Because the terms and the construction process are so often confused, we have tried to explain the differences below.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are sectional prefabricated houses that consist of several sections called modules. The modules are six sided boxes that are built in a factory, and then delivered to the property. With a crane, the modules are set onto the foundation and joined together to make a modular home. With modular construction a wide variety of configurations, floor plans and styles are available in the building layout.

All modular homes are constructed according to local, state and federal building codes. Modular construction can and often do exceed these standards with upgrades for energy efficiency and overall performance.

Often, modular construction is less expensive because modular homes manufacturers purchase building materials in volume, and the homes are built in a controlled environment, utilizing systems engineered construction methods. There are no costly weather delays in the construction process. The materials used in modular homes are the same as site constructed homes. All modular homes are designed to sit on a foundation or basement.

Modular homes are also designed to be stronger than traditional homes. Nails are replaced with screws, and glue is added to all joints.

Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes

Manufactured housing is a type of prefabricated house that is mostly assembled at factories and then transported to the sites of use. Mobile homes are not designed to sit on a foundation.

The construction of manufactured or mobile homes is regulated by the HUD Code. Most manufacturers view the HUD Code as minimum performance standards.

The HUD Code covers the construction of the home, and the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, thermal and electrical systems.

These homes are less labor intensive to make and also require a shorter production time as compared to a standard site built single family home.

Modular homes should never be confused with a mobile home. However, it is very easy for a lay person to confuse a modular home with a traditional site built home because they are just as beautiful and can be custom designed.

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