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As modular homes get assembled, people stop to watch. It’s not every day you see factory-built pieces of a home, that could be up to 60 feet long, trucked, lifted and stacked to create a modular home over a course of two days.

After the modules are stacked to create the house, workers workers will “stitch” together the pieces to prepare for finishes.

Modular homes are homes made on factory lines and they can look and feel as sophisticated as traditional homes built on site.  Prefabricated construction, or modular construction, is also more efficient and more environmentally friendly than traditional construction.

A prefab home is a home that is basically made of 'house parts', and those 'parts' are stronger than a normal house because they have to be transported and lifted by a crane. This makes modular homes safer and more sturdy than traditional construction.

Modular construction has been around for decades but is just now gaining wide acceptance. It is more time-efficient than traditional construction. It takes about half the time to build a modular home from factory build time to finishes on site.  

Savings also come from modular homes being precision-cut, so there’s less waste. Plus, everything is built indoors, so there are fewer delays.

Over time, a homeowner can also expect to save money on energy as well.

For more information on modular construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

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