Modular Construction Gains Popularity in Virginia

Off-site construction, also known as modular construction, is gaining acceptance all over the country. In addition to residential projects, modular construction is also becoming very popular in commercial projects as well.
Modular construction has been used for decades, and it is very much becoming a prevalent and accepted alternative to home construction.  A home constructed off-site uses the same state and local building codes, the same or better materials and is fully inspected throughout the entire process.
In a traditionally built home, roof trusses, walls, floors are all manufactured off-site and turned into modules. The modules are then trucked to the building site for assembly and completion. The modular home uses the same materials and assembles them in the factory and then trucks the 90% completed home to the job site for installation.

Areas of the country that are experiencing population booms are taking advantage of modular construction to provide faster, high quality homes in an efficient manner.
While monetary savings had been the biggest benefit to modular construction, more people are choosing modular construction for other reasons: The savings in time of construction, less time paying for two homes, indoor construction, lowered soft costs and general conditions are a few other benefits that are making modular homes a popular choice.

In today’s world with advancements in all areas of our lives, construction should be no different. The possibility of delivering a new construction home using a different technique is deserving of an open mind.

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