Lower Costs for Modular Home Construction

For a long time, construction methods had not really changed. Along came modular construction, but until recently, it had not made such an impact in the construction industry. However, over the last several years, modular construction has increased significantly in popularity. Why?

There are many reasons that could include anything from the customization options, to the efficiency of the modular homes once they are built, to the lower cost or the speed of construction.

But one big reason is because, it is just smarter. With rising construction costs, oil costs and costs of labor, modular construction just makes sense.  As construction and materials costs continue to rise new home costs have become challenging and out of reach. Modular construction presents a better, more efficient method of building to meet this challenge.

Construction materials are bought in bulk, keeping materials costs down. Modular homes are built indoors in factory environments, meaning there are no weather delays or labor issues. Because modular homes are built in a factory, each part of your home is built by the same person, giving your home expertise and consistency.

In many parts of Virginia, especially in more urban areas, homes that are on the market are older, these homes have been aging and not properly maintained for years. The costs associated with replacing these homes by a homeowner or home buyer is too high because the time to replace them is too long. Modular construction often costs less, but it always costs less in TIME.

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