Definitions: Modular Home Vs Stick-Built Home

Throughout our blog, we will repeatedly refer to two different  industry terms: 1) Modular Home Construction and 2) Stick-Built Home  Construction. We feel it is very important that you understand the fundamental  definitions before we go one step further.

Site Stick Built Home Construction:  Very simply, this is the traditional method of home construction.  It is a structure that is constructed on the  building site, piece by piece.  The term "stick-built" is often confused with being built on piers (beach house) style construction.  Again, it is any home construction that is COMPLETELY built on site.

Modular (or "Systems Built") Home Construction:  This is the latest   and most advanced form of construction as the home is constructed in a factory (to exacting construction standards) then transported to the construction site. Modular homes are stick built they are just built in a factory setting, contain 30 percent more  material, are third party inspected before even leaving the factory and are never exposed to the elements while being built.

There are different types of Modulars, make sure you know the  difference if you want to use any type of  financing. Tidewater Custom Modular Homes  only builds off-frame modular, that means we never permanently attach our houses  on steel frames or chassis. There are some builders out there that call their home a Modular but if you  look under the house, there is a steel frame which will cut funding from several  lenders. Your home in most of these cases is truly considered Manufactured and will not be compared with other site built stick construction when you have to obtain an appraisal.  Most homes built on a steel frame are built to Hud code  where a true Modular off frame is built to Residential code, thus the capability to compare side by side with site built homes.

You can learn more about the Modular Home construction process on our website at the "Why Modular" page.

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