Creating A Lifestyle Through Custom Modular

What defines custom modular home lifestyle? Anything and everything you like. The whole idea of a home has escaped from the suburban cliches and the old commuter lifestyle. If you want a home or office, built economically, built faster, built stronger, and from an environmentally friendly process, then custom modular homes are your solution. TC Modular Homes is building  dream style homes.

We help with the lifestyle and design from the start

Lifestyle is now a matter of choice. New modular home technology provides for much more flexible home designs. It is now possible (in fact easy) to design your own lifestyle, and build it in to your new home. Even the architectural concepts have changed. Modern architecture is now an interesting mix of possibilities, including open plan and the more conventional styles of home design. That created a lot of conceptual space for people who want custom home designs. Customization allows a far wider, almost modular, form of home design. It also allows for much better use of land space. Multi story and split level designs are easily available, with additional features including detached bedrooms, and other innovations.

We work within plans, career, and family needs

The news gets better. With Tidewater Custom Modular, you can totally control your planning options. This will be fun and introduce you to a host of new ideas and possibilities. Lifestyle does begin at home, and if there is anything you've always wanted in a home, this is where you can find it. This new approach is revolutionizing suburbia. Many of the new houses you see being built are customized. That is why they look so impressive, and have so many features built in. It's also why the interiors are so different. The new custom home is a result of new design technology and new building and architectural concepts. Ironically, these new houses are actually cheaper, and easier to maintain, than the older homes they are replacing.

We can help provide the lifestyle you want

Do you want a fully modern home with all the amenities? You got it, and you can add more. Would you like a design for a growing family? No problem. Just want some space, and a good open plan place where you can have your home office or studio and somewhere to relax? Easy. How about incorporating a nice games room and maybe a home theater room? Simple, and you can add some guest rooms while you're at it. Custom in our name isn’t just for show, its what we do. Check out some of our featured floor plans, or contact us today to get more information on building a custom modular home.

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