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More and more people are becoming aware of modular home construction. As a result, more and more potential homebuyers are considering building instead. As those folks do their homework there are a few common questions that always seem to come up as people make their choice between stick built homes and modular homes.

Which type of home construction is stronger, modular construction or traditional?

Modular construction will last longer through weather and time. Modular home construction uses 30% more materials than traditionally built homes. Because modular home are built to withstand travel and being lifted by a crane, they are built better and studier.  Every joint is glued and screwed. Additionally, modular homes are built to withstand hurricane force winds.

Additionally, modular homes are built indoors in a factory setting where building materials will never suffer weather damage. Modular construction must stand up to multiple QA checks and all homes are built to meet or exceed local and state building codes.

How is modular home construction financed?

The construction time for modular homes is shorter than that for traditionally built homes. Time always means money. But  because the home is built faster, you spend less time paying for two homes, the one you are building and the one you are living in. Also modular home owners may have an easier time with financing because modular homes construction companies can quickly respond to any requests for plans from the banks.

Do modular homes appreciate in value the same as a traditionally built home?

It is near impossible to tell the difference between a modular home and a stick built home. Modular homes are also meet or exceed the quality of stick built homes. For these reasons modular homes appreciate in value the same as traditional homes. In some cases, because less maintenance is required, and because modular construction is considered ‘green construction’ modular homes will appreciate faster than traditionally built homes.

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