Benefits of Modular Home Construction – Virginia Beach, VA

If you are in the market to build a new home in Virginia Beach, VA then consider modular homes. There are many benefits and advantages of modular construction over stick built homes.

Stick built homes are those built on-site through traditional construction methods. No residential traditional builder can invest the time and money into their building processes and methods that modular homes construction companies can.

Modular homes are built in quality controlled environments in factory settings. While they are being constructed, they are constantly being subjected to quality assurance inspections by expert quality control inspectors. Your modular home will be built to the highest quality standards, and will meet or exceed all state and local building codes.

Because modular homes are built in a process similar to an assembly line, using labor efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality control, labor and materials costs are lower. This brings down your overall costs of construction.

High tech equipment is used in the modular construction process as well. This means that all the corners in your home are square and the walls are plumb. This ensures a tighter, more energy efficient home with far less air leakage. Additionally, energy star materials and appliances are used which keep your overall energy costs down once  you have moved in.

Additionally, the modules are built in conjunction with site work like foundation and septic. Without weather delays and constraints or issues with contractor schedules, modular homes are built significantly faster than traditionally built homes.  This too keeps overall costs down.

Typically, modular homes use 30% more lumber than stick built homes making them stronger than most frame houses allowing them to last longer through weather and time. ‘

For more information on better homes through modular construction contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

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