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Modular Home Construction for A More Convenient and Effective Way to Build a Dream Home – Smithfield, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 24, 2017
Tidewater - Modular homes in Smithfield, VA

Once considered a mediocre housing option, modular homes have come a long way in recent years. With the wide array of options for customization, the modular home construction sector of residential construction offers home buyers another way to achieve their dream home. And, the modular construction process offers advantages over regular traditionally built homes.

In addition to the customization options, there are pre-designed modular floor plans that make the planning stage faster. With these modular floor plans, it is easier to design your dream home. Either choose from among the available floor plans, modify an existing plan based on your specific needs and preferences or have your own plan designed with the design team or your own architect.

Choosing to custom-build a modular homes in Smithfield, VA gets you one step closer to your dream. Spend less time and money on the construction process and benefit from the level of quality that will meet or exceed traditional stick-built homes. During the building process the modules undergo intense quality control. You can be confident that you will live comfortably, safely, and enjoyably in your new modular home.

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Ranch Style Modular Homes: Why they can be Better than Two-Story Homes – Hampton Roads, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 17, 2017
Tidewater Ranch style modular home in Hampton Roads, VA

When thinking of building your dream home through modular home construction, it pays to first determine the pros and cons of every option before beginning construction. Doing so will help you identify which style home works best for your family and lifestyle.

A lot of interested homebuyers think they could save building a two-story home instead of a single story ranch style modular home in Hampton Roads, VA. The former may require less foundation and roof structure, however it could need a second HVAC system upstairs or at least another zone. Stairs can be expensive to install and can eat up square footage inside the home, which is also another disadvantage of a two-story home. If you choose a single story ranch, you could save up to 100 sq. ft. without having stairs. Fewer bathrooms are also needed. You can even extend your kitchen space into the dining area to make it easier to access when entering from the living room or other area of your home.

Ranch style floor plans also provides more options for ceiling heights and skylights. If home additions are in the future, these are less expensive. Single story ranch style homes also appeal to more home buyers with children, elderly parents, and mobility-challenged individuals because they are safer and easier to navigate.

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Modular Construction, Its Cost-Savings Benefits and Financial Options – Williamsburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 10, 2017
Tidewater Modular Homes - Modular home in Williamsburg, VA

Since then, the modular home construction process has been providing affordable options for interested homebuyers. It becomes less expensive to custom-build a home through this process because the possible downtime are minimized and we all know that the lesser the downtime, the lesser will be the costs associated with construction.

What makes a modular home in Williamsburg, VA unique is the fact that it is custom-built in a climate-controlled factory. With this kind of set up, a lot of the flaws that can be derived from constructing homes directly at the permanent site could be prevented. There is also lesser chances of delays or problems caused by extreme weather conditions or even cases of theft. Aside from that, the building materials are stored in on-site warehouses so the chances of using wet materials for a modular home is zero.

Nowadays, there are a lot of existing financing options for custom-building a modular home compared before. That is in addition to the regular financing options that most homebuyers already have. Sometimes manufacturers will offer better financing options than other lenders thereby providing homebuyers more favorable financing. While this of course is not always the case for all modular home builders, these additional financial options are certainly worth looking into.

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Why Cape Cod Style Modular Homes are the Best Choice for First Time Buyers – Suffolk, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 27, 2017
Tidewater Custom Modular Homes Blackstone Cape Cod style modular home in Suffolk, VA

For those about to buy their first home, the cost, process, and picking the right home style can seem like a daunting hurdle. But it doesn't have to be. Consider the Cape Cod style modular home in Suffolk, VA. Cape Cods are fairly small. For this reason, this home style has become a practical choice for small families or young adults starting their careers. With their small size and economy, the Cape Cod is not only adorable but also affordable to first time buyers.

Modular home construction has many pre-designed floor plans, including the traditional Cape Cod style home. Although this style originated as a New England style house plan, it has become popular nationwide, especially now that modular home construction has included it in their selection.

Typically, the Cape Cod style modular floor plan has symmetrically located windows and a paneled front door at the center. You can really see its similarities to the Colonial style home except that the Cape has somewhat a lowered roofline. At the upper-level, you can see that the windows are placed in dormers which extend from the home’s front-to-back gable roof. This actually enhances the exterior design of the entire home. And with a wide array of options for customization that the modular home construction process offers, you will be able to modify your exterior so that it becomes unique and stands out.

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Have Stronger Homes with Modular Home Construction – Surry, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 20, 2017
The Castleton - modular home in Surry, VA

Computerization and other advanced building technologies allow Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to offer customization approaches. So you can custom-design your modular home in Surry, VA to meet your specific needs.

Aside from the fact that customization is made easy through modular construction, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your home is of high quality even if it is done with significantly lesser time and money. Once the modular floor plan is transformed into modules of a permanent structure, the entire project will be inspected by an appropriate state building instructor. But beforehand, the modules have already gone through a rigorous quality assurance and inspection process in each phase of construction. So rest assured that the modular home you will be living in for long, long years abides all building codes for structures within the terms and conditions of the specific state you are in.

Modular home construction ensures that your home is not just all about aesthetics. Aside from the fully functional features, your home is also guaranteed to withstand extreme conditions such as hurricanes better than site-built homes. This is just one of the benefits of using more advanced building systems.

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Happy New Year from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes – Richmond, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 06, 2017
Happy New Year from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Happy New Year 2017 from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes!

A fresh new year has arrived once again. It’s the time to be thankful for everything we have and for everything we have achieved in the past year. But it is also time to start new, start strong, and accomplish everything we want to do this year.

It is also time for us to say “Thank You” for our success last year. If you are an existing associate, we have enjoyed working with you. If we are just embarking on a new relationship with you in 2017, we look forward to the opportunity. We are excited for what we all can achieve in 2017.

The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie

Happy New Year from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes!

Vacation Style Modular Home can be Your Primary Home through Modular Construction – Smithfield, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 30, 2016
The Beach Break - vacation style modular home in Smithfield, VA

Nowadays, we find as many people getting interested in building a vacation style modular home in Smithfield, VA for a primary home as a second home. Why should not every day feel like you are on vacation when you get home? With the advanced building systems of modular home construction that provides you a wide array of floor plans and options for customization, your next vacation could be when you get home from work.

A vacation style floor plan is not only intended for second homes. As a matter of fact, a lot of people today, especially those who want to enjoy their life after they retire from work want to live in a vacation style home. Because aside from it makes you feel like you are on vacation every day, it also makes you feel so homey.

Modular home construction sees to it that what you will be building is based on your needs and wants. Once you are done outlining the specifications of your floor plan with the dream home you have been working hard to have, then you can start the waiting game. Do not worry because it will not take years to finish. Modular construction processes allow you to occupy your home faster than traditional construction would. And even with such speed, you can guarantee that the quality of your home is not jeopardized.

To find out more about vacation style modular home, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Happy Holidays from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 22, 2016
Happy Holidays from Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

It is once again "end-of-year" blog post reflection time. If you are reading this blog post, you care enough about us and our business to invest a minute or two reading here. That means a lot to us. The primary reason for this blog is to educate and inform our readers; as an ongoing act of giving thanks for the privilege of earning your continued trust and continued professional partnerships. So we're glad you're here.

We reflect today on the blessings that so many of you bring to both our personal and professional lives. Over the course of 2016, we hope that we have made a difference in many personal and professional lives. This is the true essence and a key measure of professional reward and business success.

It is our sincere wish that all of you bask in the joy of reflection and within the warm confines of family and friends throughout this Holiday season and throughout 2017. Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

-from all of us here at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Modular Home Construction Let You Save Money During Construction and Occupancy – Hampton Roads, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 16, 2016
Cape Cod Homes

Modular home construction has several advantages. So if you are planning to engage in this kind of venture when custom-building your home, then you really should be starting it by now. But if you are not yet convinced, then read on.

The main market of the modular home in Hampton Roads, VA is savings with respect to both time and money. Because the premium-cut materials that are used to build modular homes are purchased in bulk, every homeowner benefits from high quality materials but are less expensive than actual price. Completing a modular home is also so fast that it reduces the amount of money being paid to the workforce. And with such speed of construction process, the return of investment is also achieved sooner because you will be able to occupy it sooner than you would if you go the traditional mode of construction.

The modules or sections of your chosen modular floor plan will be assembled together at the permanent site properly and professionally. The entire residential structure will undergo series of quality checks in order to regulate the tightness of the construction of each modules. This will result in a better indoor temperature and air quality so you will not need to force your HVAC system to provide you with the comfort you need to enjoy your home living experience. You will live in a home that is energy efficient and so you will not pay much on your monthly bills.

To find out more about the advantages of modular home construction, contact Tidewater Custom Modular Homes.

Why Choose A Ranch Style Floor Plan when Considering Home Additions in The Future? – Williamsburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It is often a riddle for homebuyers whether to choose a single-story ranch style floor plan or a multi-story home. Both styles have their own benefits to offer. We are here to help you decide on why to choose the former though.

Ranch style modular home in Williamsburg, VA includes a shared space on the ground floor with a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. These private areas are usually separated by the kitchen and dining space or the living room. Because of such set-up, it becomes easier to heat the entire house so you will achieve an increased energy efficiency. Heated and cooled air naturally flows through the ranch style floor plan in contrast to the multi-story house plans that require more complex and often more costly HVAC systems.

If you are not decided yet about how many floors to have in your home, it is best to choose to custom-build a ranch first. This single story floor plan has a living space that can be easily expanded come that time when you want to add more floors. Assuming you have a large enough lot, you can actually expand your ranch with the help of the wide array of options for customization that modular home construction provides. You can then add a deck, patio, or sunroom to your single-story floor plan. If you have more than one floor, it will not be easy to have these home additions because it will require you and your homebuilder to first conduct a structural analysis and careful planning for expansion.

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